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Firstly, let me welcome all of you intrepid explorers to our Moscow trip page. I myself will be travelling to Barcelona this October, but I have to say I thoroughly admire all of you even considering a trip to Russia. Of course, the largest country in the world is a less extravagant destination than it was once upon a time. However, when compared with trips to Barcelona or Lisbon, a trip to Moscow is still in a different league of adventurism. Anyway, here you will find information regarding the city and the stadium itself, as well as things to do and look out for. If any of you have a question which has not been covered here, please feel free to contact me and I will do my utmost to answer your queries for you, before posting the answers here for ors to make use of.


When and where is the game itself?

Celtic will face Spartak Moscow in Russia on the 2nd October 2012, at the Luzhniki Stadium (also known as the Grand Sports Arena of the Luzhniki Olympic Complex) in Moscow. The match will kick off at 8pm local time, which will be 5pm in Glasgow. This will be Celtic’s first away trip of the group stages, and Spartak will likely provide a stern test of the Bhoys’ abilities.


Where is the stadium, and how should I make my way there?

The Luzhniki Stadium is located around six kilometres south west of Moscow’s city centre, in the middle of what looks like a large park next to the Moskva River. Having hosted the Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester United 2008, the stadium, which can hold over 80,000 people, does have some nearby transport links. Moscow’s subway system is truly enormous, and therefore it is perhaps not a surprise that there is an underground train line which runs straight from the city centre past the Luzhniki Stadium. The recommended subway stop to get off of the trains at is known as “Station Sportivnaya”, although you can also get off at the next one known as “Vorob’yovy Gory”. It should take around ten to fifteen minutes on the subway from the main city centre stops of “Okhotny Ryad” and “Biblioteka” to reach these stops. Pictures of Moscow’s subway map and a map of the station’s locations in relation the stadium can be found below:

Will I need a VISA to travel, and how much will this cost?

Yes, you will need a VISA in order to travel to Russia. These VISA’s will legally allow you a stay of no more than thirty days inside the country. You can apply for them here ( and they will likely cost you between ¬£115-125 depending on which one you choose to apply for).


What will the weather be like?

Obviously, the weather in Russia in October will be different from that of Barcelona or Lisbon. Average temperatures seem to range from about 5-10 degrees centigrade. This can vary somewhat, but the fact you will be travelling at the start of October will hopefully mean the weather will be on the warmer side. Snow does not tend to fall in Moscow in early October, so hopefully you should be ok with regards to that. However, rain is a distinct¬†possibility, so be prepared. All in all, the weather shouldn’t be any worse than anything you would come across in Glasgow in winter, so there’s no need to bring ski goggles or anything. However, travelling with just a shirt, shorts and sandals might not be the cleverest idea in the world either.



Finally, all I can say is I wish you all an enjoyable and safe trip to the Russian capital. Celtic managed a 1-1 draw on our last trip there, and I think we’d all take that sort of result again if we were offered it now. Over and over, we will follow you…

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  1. Celtic are not offering tickets unless you are a season ticket holder registered on away ticket scheme and have a visa,is there anywhere I can get a ticket other than Moscow?



    • I’m literally just heading out the door to the game today mate, but I’ll do a bit of looking about and get back to you later on or tomorrow. HH.

    • Hey mate, sorry for the slow reply. I contacted the ticket office (as I’ve done a few times recently) and was told that, like those travelling elsewhere, the only way to get the tickets is, as you say, if you are an STH on the away ticket scheme. Now, I’m a STH, but have never travelled to an away European game through the club so I know I stand virtually no chance of getting a ticket for Barcelona (where I’m off to) through Celtic.

      If you’re serious about going to Moscow I reckon you could probably chance a ticket when you’re there. The Luzhniki is a huge stadium, and I highly doubt it’ll be full. Of course, it would be entirely up to you whether or not you’d be happy sitting in amongst the home supporters.

      I’d try to phoning Celtic again and asking how full the away allocation for the Moscow match actually is. I doubt we’ll fill it, with so many people travelling to Barcelona and Lisbon…

      Is the issue that you’re not a season ticket holder at all? Or just not on the scheme and not travelling with Thomas Cook?

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