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Celtic line up prior to a match in Paris, 1921.

Celtic line up prior to a match in Paris, 1921.


At Maley’s Bhoys, we do our best to bring the history of Celtic Football Club to life in any way possible, whether this comes in the form of the written word, film, or in this case, still images. As many of you who follow us on Twitter will know, I have dabbled somewhat in the colourisation of old photographs in recent years, learning (and hopefully improving) as I went along. Indeed, I have began to restore old images of late also, doing my best to remedy the damage which they have suffered. These have proved to be popular on Twitter, but due to the fluid and rapidly changing nature of the social media site, they can be easily missed if someone is not online much for a day or two. After some consideration, I concluded that it would be wise to have somewhere in which these works could be viewed permanently, and as such on this page you will find many of these pieces, stitched together in a before and after style.

Before concluding, I must tip my proverbial hat to Barry McGonigle, who has undoubtedly led the way in this field for sometime, inspiring other individuals – including myself – to attempt to put our own stamp on our Football Club’s wonderful photographic history. He’s also been kind enough to offer me the odd hint and tip over the years, so I owe him my thanks in this regard.

Lastly, if anyone has any pictures in mind which they think may be suited to this sort of colourisation/restoration work but have not previously been attempted, please feel free to contact myself on Twitter or via the website contact tab and I may well give them a go one day. The piece which I am currently working on, a photograph of the 1907/08 Celtic side, is pictured at the bottom of this page.

Thank you, and please, enjoy.



Celtic Football Club, 1894, colourised and restored.



The legendary defensive trio of Joe Dodds, Charlie Shaw and Alec McNair.



Jimmy Johnstone during one of his trademark dribbling runs.


Celtic take on Newcastle United in Paris, 1921.

Celtic take on Newcastle United in Paris, 1921.


Jimmy McGrory contests a loose ball with an opposition goalkeeper.

Jimmy McGrory contests a loose ball with an opposition goalkeeper.



Willie Fernie proudly holds the Coronation Cup, 1953.




This “Topical Times” image of the legendary Jimmy McGrory, originally produced as a souvenir card, had seen better days.



John Thomson, “The Prince of Goalkeepers”, wears the Hoops.



Bertie Peacock poses in an iconic Celtic jersey.



Barney Battles Sr. wears the colours of his native Scotland.



Jimmy Johnstone and Tommy Gemmell celebrate as they dispatch Dukla Prague and know a place in the European Cup Final awaits them, 1967.



Bobby Evans retreats to collect the ball.



William Angus, who would go on to win the Victoria Cross, is photographed prior to his involvement in the First World War, 1914.




One of the finest Celts ever, Jimmy McMenemy, pictured in his beloved Hoops.



Dan McArthur, a goalkeeper for both Celtic and Scotland, stands in his Scotland kit with one of his international caps adoring his head, circa 1896.



Peter Somers.



Frank Murphy




Paul McStay poses in his centenary kit.




J.H. McLaughlin, Chairman of Celtic Football Club, 1897-1909.




Perhaps the last Celtic squad photograph to feature Jimmy McGrory, 1938.




The Celtic team of 1912 photographed with the Scottish Cup.




The Scottish Cup is in Celtic’s hands once again, 1914.




The Celts embrace as they knock Vojvodina Novi Sad out of the European Cup, 1967.




One of the earliest photographs of any Celtic squad, supposedly taken before a home match with Blackburn Rovers in 1889.




Celtic, pictured only a few years before the change to Hooped jerseys, 1899.




Celtic take to the field for the first time since the tragic death of John Thomson. Poignantly, the only people to clap the Celts out of the tunnel are the small boys too young to understand the events of recent weeks, 1931.




William Corbett, John McPhail and Bobby Evans, circa 1947.




John Hughes poses trackside.




Tommy Gemmell.




Jimmy Quinn.




Patsy Gallacher.



WORK IN PROGRESS: The Celtic side of 1907/08.




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  1. Excellent work. The image of the team coming out in 1931 after John Thomson’s death is particularly poignant. In future years film as well as images will be restored and Celts as yet unborn will enjoy insights into Celtic’s past we couldn’t have hoped for as we were growing up.

    Well done Sir.

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