Charity Work


Total Raised (Jan 2011 – Oct 2015): £6,121.45


The Good Child Foundation: £375 (Jan 2011 – Jun 2011)

From it’s earliest days, Celtic Football Club and it’s supporters have always had a strong charitable ethos. At Maley’s Bhoys, we hope to carry on these connections to charitable causes by throwing our full support behind at least one charitable appeal every season. In the first six months of 2011, we asked for donations from the Celtic support for a raffle, which raised approximately £375 for “The Good Child Foundation” (also known as the “Thai Tims”).

The “Thai Tims”


The Kano Foundation: £1,100 (2011-2012)

During our first full season in existence, 2011-2012, we once again asked for donations from the fanbase. However, these donations either became auction items, or Christmas gifts. We raised £1,100 for “The Kano Foundation” which paid for the charity’s first Christmas party for the children they help. The party, which catered for around 80 children from all walks of life, was a great success, as you can see from the children’s faces in the picture at the bottom of this article.

Our thanks has to go to the Celtic Supporter’s Club, on London Road, Glasgow, who allowed us the use of their function suite free of charge, and to Celtic Football Club, who were kind enough to send along Kris Commons and Hoopy the Huddle Hound, as well as some additional gifts for the children.


Some of the children and Hoopy – Christmas 2011


Motor Neurone Disease Scotland: £1,300 (2012-2013)

During the 2012-13 season, we again topped our total for the previous season, eventually handing over £1,300 to Motor Neurone Disease Scotland. Having lost a grandfather to this degenerative illness before I was even born, this effort was particularly close the hearts of myself and my family. Once again, I cannot thank all of the people who helped us, whether it was via the donation of money, raffle prizes, time or effort.



The Wayside Club & Feed Glasgow: £1,530 in total, £765 each (2013-2014)

Having made the decision to support two charities for the first time in the 2013-14 season, we set out to help the homeless people of Glasgow and were delighted by the end result. Choosing two groups with two different religious backgrounds, we endeavoured not only to back both of their efforts financially but also to support the multicultural ethos which permeates the city more strongly with every passing day. Both of these organisations have since received their respective donations. Again, my undying thanks goes out to all you who helped us in our efforts in any way, shape or form. We couldn’t do it without you.



One of the volunteers at the Wayside Club receives their cheque.


In March 2015, I was both surprised and delighted to accept an award on behalf of our website from Glasgow’s Muslim Community as thanks for our fundraising for the “Feed Glasgow” project. My thoughts on this are covered in much more detail HERE, but it is sufficient to say now that none of this would have been possible without the backing of the Celtic support. This is an award for us all, not simply for Maley’s Bhoys.





Alzheimer Scotland: £1,816.45 (2014-15)

In mid-November of the 2014-15, we made the decision to back Alzheimer Scotland as our chosen charitable cause of this football season. Thanks to an agreement with the charity, a significant portion of our eventual total went directly to fund the “Football Memories” project run by  Alzheimer Scotland, which aims to help those living with dementia to rekindle sporting memories of bygone days, whilst the remainder of the total will be used however they see fit. Information regarding the charity and their work can be found here.

At the end of the season, following a remarkable campaign which saw our highest total raised for any individual year as yet, our total raised for Alzheimer Scotland was £1,816.45. As ever, you all have my thanks for your continuing generosity.




In closing, the world may have come a long way since Brother Walfrid and those other ambitious men decided to set up a football club in the East End of Glasgow in 1887, but the same charitable spirit that filled their hearts lives on to this day, in Celtic Football Club and it’s supporters, in Glasgow and across the globe.

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