Apr 272015
Watch The Video Below – You Won’t Regret It



Late tonight, I was passing some time watching videos on Youtube – goals, highlights, celebrations – the usual sorts of things, and then by chance I stumbled across this lecture.

Coincidentally, I was fortunate enough to listen to Ronny Deila talk about football for somewhere between five and ten minutes at a supporters’ forum some time ago, and it was mesmeric. I am not lying when I say I could have sat and listened to him for hours, because the passion he has not only for the game of football but for the “culture” which surrounds his football clubs is infectious.

Sadly, due to the generally brief nature of television interviews – and often the leading, repetitive questions many Scottish sports media outlets tend to ask therein (“Ronny, what about Rangers? What about the Old Firm? Rangers? Ibrox? Rangers? … Ronny?”) – we only tend to see glimpses of such passion.

And yet, beautifully, this video of a lecture Ronny gave in Norway whilst he was still the manager of Stromgodset captures this passion brilliantly. It is a glorious way to spend forty minutes, and after watching it, the man virtually had me believing I could play centre-half for Celtic. Of course, I’d be terrible, but the belief Deila instills in members of the audience must be similar to that which he transmits to his players. Regardless, I am confident in saying this lecture is better than any interview you will ever watch on mainstream television. It is stunning.

When I watched this video – which you can find below – less than one hundred views had been registered on it since it was posted six days ago. Clearly, it had been lost in the internet ether, and I am delighted to have happened upon it. I have no doubt its viewing figures will soar upwards as the Celtic support pass the link around and enjoy a masterclass in a footballing philosophy.

Make no mistake about it, if Ronny Deila manages football teams as well as he talks about the game itself (and I have no doubt that he does), then we may well have a very special manager in our midst. This only goes to reinforce that feeling –┬ájust watch it and then you will understand what I am talking about better than any words which I can write will convey.

Finally, credit must go to whoever translated the videoed lecture. I do not know who you are, but your work is appreciated massively by myself and many others.

Viva Ronny Deila!


  4 Responses to “A Ronny Deila Masterclass”

  1. An absolute gem of a video…..in Ronny we definitely trust…

  2. Brilliant I was looking for an English version of this. I could listen to the man all day long. He just oozes information, he knows what he says.

  3. This is a fantastic illustration of leadership. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Fantastic. Really spoke to me.

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