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Change For The Better Or More Of The Same?



As many of you will know, since carrying out a large-scale catering survey in the autumn of 2012, I have been in contact with representatives of both Celtic Football Club and previous caterers “The Lindley Group” on many occasions, in the form of meetings, emails, letters and phone calls. The end of last season saw the expiration of Celtic F.C.’s latest contract with “The Lindley Group”, the company who had been responsible for operating all of the kiosks inside Celtic Park for almost a decade.

However, having been told by the Football Club no new contract would be signed with Lindley – which did turn out to be true – it later became apparent the Club would sign a new deal with “Centerplate UK”, the American catering company who recently bought over Lindley’s operations. ¬†Unsurprisingly, this decision led to some cynicism on my part, but for the sake of fairness I believed we must give Centerplate a chance to see whether or not things would improve.

Therefore, as we enter March of Centerplate UK’s first season in control of the catering kiosks at Celtic Park, I would ask you all to take two minutes of your time to fill in the following survey so that I may be able to best put across your opinions on the current situation to both the Football Club and our caterers. Essentially, the primary aim of this survey is to determine whether the Celtic support feel things have improved this season when compared to years gone by, or whether the general feeling is that little or nothing has changed.

I am scheduled to meet with Celtic’s General Manager, Mr. David Stothers, on Thursday of this week to discuss these matters, so any input which the support as a whole could provide would be both helpful and very much appreciated.

Please Note:

1. Having been contacted by a Celtic supporting student researching large scale catering, questions nine, ten and eleven have been included at their request. Once again, I would ask you all to also answer those three multiple choice questions in order to assist their hard work.

2. This survey does not relate to the catering on offer within the Kerrydale Bar, hospitality lounges or executive areas, all of which are run by Celtic, not Centerplate.

3. All questions denoted with an asterisk (one through fourteen) are mandatory, whilst question fifteen can be left blank should you wish to do so.

Should any of you wish to add any lengthier thoughts regarding the catering at Celtic Park to the survey, you can do so by contacting myself via Twitter (@MaleysBhoys) or leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.

Thank you.


Celtic Park Catering Survey 2014-15

  6 Responses to “Catering Survey 2014-15”

  1. Keep up the good work.

  2. Q

  3. Frequently at the pie stall i go to between the south and west stand there is only one member of staff working, causing long queues and waits to be served

    The fizzy juice is often flat or watery, indicating that the gas or syrup needs changed. The hot dogs come in freezing cold buns and are of a lower quality, yet more expensive, than the previous Rollover brand.

    Often at games where there are a higher than average number of kids – ie pre season friendlies, cup games not on ST with cheap tickets on offer – the food stalls run out of pies, hot drinks etc. People queue for ages only to find they can’t actually buy what they waited ages for.

    I don’t mind the high – some would say exorbitant – prices, i accept you will pay more than the going rate at sports events, concerts, conferences etc. What pisses me off is the crap value we receive for paying rip-off prices. The above criticisms may seem petty but sum up the dreadful attitude of the company with the catering contract at Celtic park.

    Why bother actually catering to the paying fans when all they need to do is schmooze the suits in charge, stump up a fee for the rights to sell food at rip-off prices, then provide a poor service and still make money?

    I liked the suggestion to sell soup in the winter, but no doubt it would sell out by about half an hour before kick off given the ineptitude and lack of preparation regularly displayed.

  4. Need to buck up the ideas , I can get a pint and and pie at half time at Bradford City!!!Why not the same at CP- come on the decision makers, stop bulking at this!!!!!

  5. Well done

  6. great survey a chance to voice your opinion

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