Oct 082013

Our Aim To Help Those Less Fortunate In Glasgow


Inside the Wayside Club.


As many of you will know, every season, we make an effort to raise money for a chosen charity. Our record thus far in this regard, which I feel we should all be tremendously proud of, can be found below:


From January 2011 (website formation) to May 2011 – £375 for the Good Child Foundation, Thailand

From August 2011 to May 2012 – £1,100 for the Kano Foundation (paying for their first Christmas party for the kids)

From August 2012 to May 2013 – £1,300 for Motor Neurone Disease Scotland


As you can see, our current total stands at £2,775 in all.

Every year, we choose a different charity, but for the first time, we have made the decision to raise funds for two separate charities at once, with the intention to split all money gathered between the two equally.

The two charities in question are not identical, but they share the same goal – to help the hungry and homeless in the city of Glasgow. Such objectives are very similar to the initial aims of the Football Club we all love and support today.

The first of our two chosen charities is “The Wayside Club Centre” – an organisation based in the city centre of Glasgow, providing a warm place for the city’s homeless to eat, rest, clean themselves and socialise in a safe, friendly environment. Founded in 1932, the charity is run by the Legion of Mary, a Catholic lay organisation. First aid and help for those suffering from addictions is also available.



The Wayside Club Centre


The second charity which we have chosen to support is a much newer organisation, “Feed Glasgow”. The charity, which was formed in 2011, is run by the Muslim community in the city, preparing and delivering meals to a large soup kitchen in the city centre, as well as distributing them to homeless people at various shelters. They hope to expand their operations in the city in the future.




Whilst both of these groups have a religious basis, they help people of all backgrounds and ethnicities without question, promoting openness and friendship between all people within an increasingly diverse Glasgow. The determination which they both share to help the truly needy is admirable, and I cannot praise their actions enough.

Now, due to a variety of circumstances, the initiation of this season’s fundraising has been delayed until now. However, I hope that, with your support, we will be able to raise enough money to help each of these respective charities as best we can.

With this in mind, if anyone has any fundraising ideas or if anybody wishes to donate any items for auction or raffle, please contact myself here or on Twitter (@MaleysBhoys).

If anyone would like to donate any money, there are a variety of methods in which this can be done (Paypal etc), simply contact myself for details. At the end of May, as in previous seasons, the money will be donated in a lump sum to each charity. An ongoing total will be available on our website’s home page also.

Thank you all again for your ongoing support of some very worthy causes.

Hail Hail.


The Kano Foundation Christmas party

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