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The result of this poll will be added into our end of season letter to Celtic’s Chief Executive, Peter Lawwell. Please take into consideration the catering experience available to yourself on a match day as a whole (i.e. food quality, pricing, waiting times, choice etc). If you would like to leave an extended comment of your own thoughts which will be added into the aforementioned letter to Mr Lawwell, you can do so at the bottom of this page.

Please note that you must select the dot ABOVE your chosen answer (not being a technological whizzkid I can’t get the answers to appear side on as I would have liked).

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  14 Responses to “Catering Poll”

  1. Waiting times at least 20 mins which is ridiculoous for an event lasting 90 mins. Booth staffed by teenagers without supervision, food choice awful and closes early ie nothing available at end of game. Suggest PL looks at catering abroad eg barca which is much better and learn from that

  2. The catering at Celtic park for your run of the mill fan is dire! Not only is the service too slow. The price and the quality of the food sold is disapointing to say the least.
    The last home game I was at, Celtic v Hibs, I was served a burnt pie that was not fit for human consumption. I only realised once back at my seat. The second half had already started and never saw the point in trying to raise a complaint.

    I was fortunate to go to corporate hospitality for the Celtic v Dundee United game. Now this is the opposite end of the scale as in quality and service. So this boils down to money, plain and simple. If you have plenty of money to spend you will be looked after. If you’re the average fan who spends a high portion of your income to attend games you will get a substandard service.

    Is things going to change for the average fan? I doubt it.

  3. Hi there. Don’t think the service or quality has increased at all, but in saying that I don’t feel the food is allthat bad. Yes the price is extortionate, the service is slow, howeve,r I don’t feel the food is that bad. I sit Jock Stein Upper.

  4. A couple of times this season having waited 15mins in the queue to get to the front only to be told ‘ the cola machine is out of gas, you have to go to another kiosk ‘
    Could they not put up signs, even a chalk board, saying…
    No cola, etc
    No pies
    Or whatever isn’t available, to save the wait for nothing.
    Also as our group arrive at different times, we buy for each other to save us all queuing. Which helps keep the queue’s down.
    Plenty times this season there has been no drinks holders.
    Believe me carrying 2 Bovrils, a cola, 2 pies and a hotdog yourself isn’t easy…lol
    Thanks for the good work on these issue’s, keep it up, its appreciated.

  5. It’s not good enough to have supporters queue from the start of half-time only to get to the frontat the start of the 2nd half to be told either no pies, or even worse no hot food. The reality is you only go if you’re starving as well as it’s all grossly overpriced and poor quality.

  6. I’ve tried to be positive I’ve really tried, at least I get a smile and a thank you now, but none of that can distract from the simple fact that the prices of the varying degrees of quality of food are an absolute total and utter outrage in this day and age. I want a pie and a bovril and should pay no more than £3 for the pleasure maybe £3.50 at a push.

    I get the argument that they facility is only open 24 times a season and not 24/7 like McDonald’s or seven days a week like Greggs (ah Greggs, Mr CE, please ask them to stick a franchise in the stadium and you will revolutionise stodge catering and make an absolute fortune! Take a Greggs sausage roll at 80p then double it £1.60 then say £1.50 for a scoosh of hot water into a blob of bovril stock – Bingo! Happy fan! You know? Fan!) but we are being robbed! Totally robbed!

    If fans want hot digs and pizza and burgers and the like, then I suggest they buy a season ticket for a food court in town! It’s football! Pie! Bovril! Chips (for the weans) tea & fizzy teeth rot! Job done!

    Man up Celtic and stop robbing us!

  7. Wait times and value for money poor.

  8. Please ask P Lawwell to try our match day experience if you want anything to change.

  9. Couldn’t agree more with the comment above too many times have you stood waiting in the queue for a pie at half time only to be told there’s none left when you get to the front. Fail to see why a staff member couldn’t shout no pies etc or something along the lines.
    Another thing getting to the front and hearing ‘eh there’s no pies ready’ yet the whistle has basically just went surely you think they’d take the fact half time is coming up into consideration.

    When I do get something however I think its decent only thing for me would be service and pricing.

  10. The pricing for what is on offer at the food kiosks is very poor. Service not up to standard as well but it’s better than last season. Should be more meal deals on offer for kids at affordable prices after all we promote a family day out.

  11. The food is overpriced and sometimes under cooked. The drinks, again, way overpriced and never taste remotely like they should.

    How about varying the methods of sale. You pre load your season card with cash and swipe it at till, which would help speed up process.

    Vendors bringing food to the seats would also be worth trying out. In fact anything would be better than we’ve got now.

  12. catering for front stand 1-4 hasn,t changed in 17yrs probably 50yrs in old enclosure ( yes im that old ) although prices are high , try secc prices . I know there is limited space and h & s regs but surely something could be done . I dont bother these days to much hassle ,so club loses out

  13. The Vans outside Celtic park provide healthier and far superior options and quality to Celtic park.. The food inside is 3 rd rate at best.. Staff are always pleasant, doing a hard job.. It’s a disgrace we cant bring food IN, given the paucity on offer inside..

    I ve a medical condition that requires me to have a drink (sweet) to hand.. The stewards continually attempt to take it off me…

    Not impressed..

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