May 252013

46 Years On – Super Celtic Kings Of Europe




On the 46th anniversary of the Lisbon Lion’s historic European Cup victory, I have a simple question for you all regarding the above photograph. It is an iconic image, a snapshot in time which captures ten young Celtic supporters, as well as the style of both their clothes and their city at that time.

Almost five decades on, I’d love to recreate the photograph, and even if that is not possible, I would love to speak to the men involved. Perhaps it is just me, but  I cannot help but see a photograph like this and think, “I wonder who he was” or “I wonder what happened to him”.

So, without rambling on too much, do you know any of the men photographed above? If you do, or you even think you might, please leave a comment below or contact me on Twitter (@MaleysBhoys). If you do not, show the picture to your family and friends. Someone out there must know one at least one of these individuals, and in all likelihood if we can find one, he will be able to tell us who the other nine are.

Thank you.


May 152013

Please Answer The Following Single Question


The result of this poll will be added into our end of season letter to Celtic’s Chief Executive, Peter Lawwell. Please take into consideration the catering experience available to yourself on a match day as a whole (i.e. food quality, pricing, waiting times, choice etc). If you would like to leave an extended comment of your own thoughts which will be added into the aforementioned letter to Mr Lawwell, you can do so at the bottom of this page.

Please note that you must select the dot ABOVE your chosen answer (not being a technological whizzkid I can’t get the answers to appear side on as I would have liked).

Thank you.


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