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All Funds Raised Donated To Motor Neurone Disease Scotland




UPDATE – PLEASE READ: Whilst the top prize is shown above, a runner’s up prize which has been kindly donated to us is pictured below. The 1995 Scottish Cup print, signed by both Paul McStay and Pierre Van Hooijdonk, will be the second place prize, whilst I’ll personally sort out whoever comes third with a free programme of their choice via @MBProgrammes.

The raffle will now run until midnight on Friday night, the 3rd May, before being drawn on Sunday after the Ross County match. Initially, it was set to end at the end of April, but due to problems with my internet last week I haven’t been able to publicise it as much as I would have liked, and that was, of course, somewhat frustrating. Thank you, and please find the original article with the main details of the raffle below.




As many of you will know, we do our best at Maley’s Bhoys to raise money for a chosen charity every season with your help. Formed in January 2011, we raised £375 for the Good Child Foundation between February and May of that season. In 2011/2012, our total raised for the Kano Foundation was approximately £1,100. And, so far this season, 2012/13, we have managed to raise £800 for the good people at Motor Neurone Disease Scotland. In total now, our website, thanks to all of you, have raised over £2,500 for charity in our time in existence. We are tremendously proud of this, and cannot thank you all enough.

Having lost one of my grandfathers to this terminal illness prior to my own birth, I have a personal connection to this disease, as does Celtic Football Club, which lost perhaps their greatest player, Jimmy Johnstone, to the same illness.

In an attempt to surpass the £1,000 mark for M.N.D.S. by the end of May, we are happy to announce we will be running a small raffle. The main prize, which you can see pictured above, is a 1998 Champions T-Shirt, signed in black marker pen by the team that “stopped the ten”. There will also be a couple of runners up prizes which will be announced at a later date (if you would like to donate anything as a runners up prize please feel free to contact us).


Anyway, the rules of this raffle, for the sake of clarity, are as follows:

– Tickets cost £2 each.

– You may purchase a maximum of five tickets per person, totalling £10, but you may make a larger donation to the fund if you wish.

– For example, if you donate £20, you will still only have five tickets put in the hat with your name on them. This is to give both small and large donors a relatively similar chance of winning a prize.

– Postage and packaging inside the United Kingdom and Ireland will be covered by myself, but should you win a prize and you live somewhere else in the world, please be aware that you would be required to cover the associated postage costs.


Donations can be made on the home page of this website ( by scrolling down the page and clicking the “donate” button on the right hand side of the page and following the instructions there. If you do this, and are, for example, a Twitter user, please add this as a note when sending the money so we know who you are.

Should you not have Paypal, or wish to donate in another way, please feel free to contact me on Twitter or click the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the page, and follow the on screen instructions, and I’ll be in touch.

The raffle will close at midnight on Friday, 3rd May – all donations to the fund until then will be allocated with the relevant of tickets. After the Ross County match scheduled for the 5th May, we will draw the raffle, and announce the winners, who will be sent their prizes accordingly.

As always, if you are unfortunate enough to be struggling financially, please do not feel obliged to donate any money you cannot afford. Whilst this is a very worthy cause, we would not want to take money from anyone who cannot afford it, and neither would our chosen charity.

Also, we are still selling picture discs with over 5,000 Celtic images on them for the same charity, if anyone happens to be interested.

All in all, if anyone has any problems, questions or queries, please feel free to contact us and we will do all we can do to help you out.


P.S. Apologies for the slight delay in publishing this article – thankfully my internet is up and running again now.

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  2. A worthy cause which I’ll happily support through buying raffle tickets

  3. ffs you don’t half string this shit out.

    People don’t give 2 shits about the prize, it’s a wee bonus if you win it but in essence they’re giving a few quid to your persistant pleadings for money with no expectations of a prize.

    Are you 12 years old? I read your tweets and they have a certain infantile theme about them. You say you’ve supported Celtic for over a decade. You are a Celtic supporter from birth. I say you are 12-14

    • Well thanks very much for that insightful criticism Steven.

      With regards the “supporting Celtic for over a decade comment”, I referred to regularly attending matches, obviously.

      With the greatest respect in the world, if you particularly dislike the tweets or the website, ignore them. No one forces you to take an interest.

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