Feb 082013

Welcome to Maley’s Bhoys Annual Twitter Awards.You have one vote for each category. Choose your selection in each category and click Vote before moving on to the next category.

Poll runs until Friday 15/02/2013 at 10.00 pm Celtic Park time

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  28 Responses to “Maley’s Bhoys Twitter Awards”

  1. Still think Lisa hague deserved a mention

  2. I think maley’bhoys deserve a mention good work bhoys

  3. […] was on Maley’s Bhoys website tonight looking at their Twitter Awards and I found myself struggling to vote in all the categories. The wealth of mainly Celtic fans media […]

  4. what about tommy glasgow ?????

  5. Lisa Hague getting an award? By far the best Celtic wag, great charity work

  6. well done and thankyou all fora very enjoyable year (although most credit to Rangers/Sevco).I think this year’s gona be better !

  7. […] moving on to the next category. Poll runs until Friday 15/02/2013 at 10.00 pm Celtic Park time …read more Read more here: […]

  8. Nice work! Amazing how much great stuff there is out there.., lots of people working pretty hard to keep us all informed!

  9. eh!!! NO http://thecelticway.net/forum/forum.php in this vote~~~ OUTRAGEOUS!! considering this forum is one of the oldest on the net (2007) and the admin the legendary GWG has been on the boards since 1492 and has indeed help establish one or two on the lists with his posts / videos / photoshops ect….. A truly deflating matter to find out nobody wants him…….. I’m awat intae the garden tae eat worms

    • Sorry, only people/outlets/sites who were nominated by Twitter users in the past week made it onto the vote. I’ll be sure to add you guys next time around though. My apologies.

  10. Jaysus….how hard was that to pick best blogger???….every single person would have gotten a vote if it was allowed hh

  11. i never seen nominations during the week Tommyinglagow should definetly be in their he has done fantastic work all year i think he would have won his category

  12. Enjoyed the voting.cats !…..Strange no tommy I know he wasn,t put up but I wish he was.

  13. Maley’s Boys has been excellent and deserves much credit. The Celtic Wiki is just great, We are lucky in the Celtic family to have so many articulate, intelligent and gutsy writers who leave no stone unturned as they seek truth. The MSM have blown it big time over the whole sevco fiasco, agendas laid bare by citizen bloggers and professional journalists alike. Hail Hail to all who love the green,

  14. The parrot should get an award for bringing

    Cash and Carry,
    And Scamp to the Celtic table.

  15. like every1 else am surprised no1 mentioned Tommy, anyway theres no losers in ma eyes great work by every1 nominated, keep up the great work hail hail

  16. My first year on Twitter….. Angela Haggerty deserves a special mention as the only female amnongst this host og genuises….just a thought!
    But great work all round, especially by you guys at Maleys form organising this…..Keep me in mind for the presentation night.

  17. Billy no well was robbed

  18. Great Poll – Jim Delahunt???? Is that to weed out Sevco fans trying to sabotage the poll?

    need to add a best comedy account , (@chrisgraham76 etc)


  19. […] Here http://maleysbhoys.com/2013/02/08/maleys-bhoys-twitter-awards/ […]

  20. Lisa hague has got to be due an award.

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