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Above is the Chief Executive of Motherwell Football Club, Leeann Dempster. At Hibernian, another lady, Amanda Jones, holds a place on the Club’s board. However, perhaps the most prominent female board members can be found south of the border in England, where individuals such as Karren Brady (known by many as Alan Sugar’s aide in the television hit “The Apprentice”) and Delia Smith hold places on the boards at West Ham United and Norwich City respectively. In March 1993, at the age of only twenty three, Ms Brady took up a place on the board at Birmingham City Football Club and, in 2002, upon the Club’s promotion, she became the first woman to hold such a position in the top flight of English Football. Another notable example is Carolyn Radford, the current Chief Executive of Mansfield Town Football Club, and I’m sure there are several others I am unaware of at this stage.

To my knowledge, there has never been a female on the board of directors at Celtic Football Club and so, this begs the question, “is it time to change that?” Women and girls are playing a larger role in all things Celtic with every passing season, and undoubtedly there are more females attending matches than there were in the distant past. Of course, I think most supporters would agree that they are pretty happy with the performance of the current board. The Football Club is progressing well both on and off of the field.

However, the question remains.

Should Celtic Football Club have at least one woman on the board? Do female supporters have any strong feelings on this matter one way or the other? Or would we all prefer simply to have, for example, a fans’ representative on the board? Or do you feel is it of no significance whatsoever?

It’s certainly an intriguing issue, and one I’m keen to find what supporters think about, so please feel free to make your opinion known by leaving a comment below, or getting involved with the debate on Twitter.


  4 Responses to “Time For A Woman’s Touch?”

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  2. I just want the best people for the Job regardless of sex faith sexuality or whatever else

  3. celtic should have whoever (regardless of sex, race or religion) is best for the fans of celtic. glad we cleared that one up.

  4. As a woman I still want the best person for the job, male or female. However , if there were too equal candidates I think a woman should be appointed , as we do have different perspectives on game .

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