Feb 022013

Your Chance To Nominate Your Favourites



This evening, we can officially announce that awards for the following categories will be given by ourselves out to individuals/groups within the Celtic community for their endeavours in 2012. At this moment, there are no nominees. For this reason, we would like you to suggest potential candidates for the following categories over the next few days. Once this process is complete, we will open up a public vote on Friday for all of you to have your say as to who the winners of each award should be (please note that nominations do not count as votes). The voting period will end a week later, on the Friday after the first Juventus match.

To nominate a candidate for any category, simply contact us on Twitter or leave a comment below. The only rule is that all nominees must have a Twitter account to be recognised. The list of categories is as follows:


1. Best Unofficial Account, a.k.a. “Top Tim” (this is the top award, and anyone can be nominated providing they are not officially linked to Celtic)

2. Best Official Account (any employees of the Club with Twitter, whether they are playing staff or involved in other areas of the Club’s work can be nominated)

3. Best Unofficial Media Outlet (radio shows, fanzines etc – this refers to the overall works of groups, not individual issues of magazines, songs etc)

4. Best Website (any unofficial websites are eligible)

5. Best Blogger (again, anyone is eligible providing they are not linked to the Club)

6. Best Hashtag 

7. Best Mainstream Media Account

8. Best Piece of Unofficial Media (individual books, songs etc are eligible for this award)


During the voting process, we will hand out a few special awards of recognition chosen by ourselves. None of these will relate to anything nominated above, so will not impact on the voting process.

Fundamentally, the process discussed above is about recognising, in our own small way, the hard work that a lot of people put in, in order to run Twitter accounts, as well as the entities which often lay behind them. I am aware that it may be somewhat ironic for a small site like ourselves to hand out awards to people with a much bigger influence than us. However, as I have mentioned, they are purely designed as a way of saying “thank you” to the people we all read or see mentioned on a daily basis, and who add to the ever growing world regarding Celtic online.


Please note, we cannot be nominated for any of the above awards, and therefore cannot win any of said awards.

  6 Responses to “2012 Twitter Awards Catergories”

  1. Can I join ? My twitter account : @celtci_ar

  2. […] moment, there are no nominees. For this reason, we would like you to suggest potential candidates […] Source: […]

  3. The Celtic Network (TCN – @CelticNetwork11) for best unofficial media account :)

  4. I would like to nominate the most interesting blogger around who has no swearing etc. on his site and allows others to comment. Paul McConville at scotslawthoughts.wordpress.com/.

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