Jan 212013

Supporters’ Meeting Bears It’s First Fruit

The Kano Foundation have now taken well over one thousand children to matches at Celtic Park without charge.


Today, The Kano Foundation have given me permission to publicise the following news on their behalf. As a result of our supporters’ meeting with Celtic Football Club and their caterers The Lindley Group last week, I am happy to announce that the groups of children whom the charity take to matches at Celtic Park, will now receive subsidised food inside the ground, for the first time.

A week ago, at our meeting, the representatives of The Lindley Group in attendance admitted that they had not heard of the charity, or the good work that it continues to carry out at Celtic Park. Until now, whilst the charity itself provided a snack for each child, anyone who wanted anything to eat from the catering kiosks had to both queue and pay for it themselves. This meant that volunteers from the charity would often have to take a large group of the kids down into the concourse at half time, which, as many of you will know, can be a chaotic enough place for someone with one child, let alone up to fifty of them. With the long queues came occasions when some of the children would miss goals or other significant moments in the match, much to their disappointment.

However, from now on, thanks to The Lindley Group and Celtic Football Club, each child will now receive a choice of a burger or a hot dog, a bag of crisps and a Capri Sun, for only £2.50 each (which is a significant improvement from the £5.90-6.50 or so it would have cost previously). These meals will also be brought to the children in their seats behind the goals in the Lisbon Lions Stand at half time every week, saving them the hassle of navigating the busy concourse area.

Whilst I would be the first to accept that it would be all but impossible to totally overhaul the catering situation at Celtic Park overnight, this is an almost immediate improvement for some of the most worthy recipients present on match days, and it is much appreciated. One of the regional directors involved with The Lindley Group, Billie O’Neill, has also agreed to take part in an upcoming bungee jump which will raise money for the Kano Foundation.

In summary, I would like to thank Celtic Football Club and The Lindley Group for their help in this matter. However, I’m sure everyone would agree that the people who continue to deserve our praise and gratitude more than any others are those involved with the day to day running of the Kano Foundation, a group who epitomise what Celtic Football Club has always stood for, openness and charity.


Having seen how happy the work of the charity makes their guests, I simply cannot praise them highly enough for their efforts.

  3 Responses to “Kano Kids To Receive Special Match Day Food Deal”

  1. Well done Lindley and CFC for the rapid response on this problem! Another problem solved and making the whole football experience a pleasure for the kids, the supporters of the future!!
    Well done! So proud of my club! x

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  3. Well done the Lindley Group. Great for the kids

    Now all it needs is for Billie O’Neill to grab hold of me and some other supporters who will happily pay full price if the food on fare was edible. I have been for a pie every half time this season and I could tell a few tales :)

    Cmon Billie, listen to the punters

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