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In September of 2012, we organised and carried out a survey regarding supporters’ views on the match day catering available inside Celtic Park. Within forty eight hours, we had received over one and a half thousand replies, which were duly collated and published as the results of our survey. These displayed that, on the whole, the fan base were far from happy with what is currently on offer, and these results are available here.

Since then, I have met with representatives from Celtic Football Club and their suppliers, and the results of those discussions can be found here. In addition to this, the Club asked me to go away and assemble a group of around fifteen supporters to attend a larger meeting in the future. As some time has passed since then, this meeting will now take place next week, and while I can only ask a minority of fans to join me for this meeting, I feel that, as an unofficial representative of yours, I should offer you all the chance, once again, to put your opinions regarding the catering in writing.

To do this, please leave a comment at the bottom of this article. They can be as long, or as short, as concise, or as detailed as you like. Providing they are reasonable in their tone (i.e. not insulting etc), all of these will be passed to the Football Club next week (as all of your previous comments were) and I will attempt to cite some of the best ones during our upcoming meeting. Also, if you feel there are questions which need to be asked, you are more than welcome to leave these as comments below as well.

Once our discussions have taken place, I will, of course, update you all regarding the results in an article sometime next week. Having said all of this, I would just like to thank you all again for your continued support.


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  56 Responses to “Supporters’ Meeting: Catering – Have Your Say”

  1. It would be an idea, especially in areas like Jock Stein stand, to have facilities open after the game so that fans making long journeys back to Ireland can get a cup of tea or a sandwich. Many fans would avail of a service on arrival at Celtic Park if it could be arranged to open an area for food. Many fans are heading into town for food as they arrive at about 1200 and have no amenities suitable for kids around the stadium.

  2. I have a season ticket and two kids season tickets I never buy food at Celtic Park mainly it is far to expensive and the quality of the food is shocking , it is much cheaper for me to take my sons to greggs before the game and take in our own juice etc due to the shocking mark up on the food and snacks in the ground .

  3. I would really like something fresh and cheaper. As so many have said previously a cup of homemade soup and a crusty roll would be great. In the seat I sat at before the one I’m in now. One of the stewards would always bring the old guy behind me food from one of the lounges. It was often soup and a roll an a few small suasage rolls. At the right price me and my sons would happily wait and have lunch at the ground.

  4. My family have 4 season tickets between us and it has got to the stage where we are buying and consuming our food from the catering facilities outside the ground.

    The quality of food is terrible and the prices are ridiculous. I’d much rather contribute to the clubs finances than someone outside the ground but after years of substandard produce I cannot justify it any more.

    I really feel that if the club addressed this issue and put in a really good, quick service at a more reasonable price with focus on the quality of the food, they would actually make more money than they currently do. They could do worse than speak to some of the caterers outside the ground who seems to manage to provide vastly superior produce at a far more reasonable price.

    If it is a contracted agency supplying the catering I’d suggest that they should be done away with at the earliest opportunity.

  5. My husband & I have been ST holders for over 15 years & have found the catering on matchdays to be progressively worse over this period instead of improving. At the motherwell game I went down to kiosk at block 445 at half-time & stood in a rather large queue only to be told that there was no food at all?? Half-time at a football match & there is not one piece of food to be had, apart from the club losing money, this is a disgrace. People willing to pay money & clubs rely on the income -

  6. I sit in the North stand upper and usually buy a couple of pies and drinks every game.The last 2 Saturday home games however, the kiosk at section 406 has been closed resulting in a huge queue at the next sections kiosk.I don’t mind queuing and certainly don’t grudge buying scran inside the park, as it all goes back to the club but when you wait for 20 mins and get 2 folk away from being served to be told there is no hot food left it’s a killer.
    The catering staff do a great job, though.Just might be worthwhile hiring a few more.

  7. I can’t understand what the problem is? What would happen if we had to play sevco with their 500million worldwide fans :-)

    Celtic get it sorted, please!

  8. As a ST holder in Lisbon Lion stand my main gripe is the pricing, far too expensive for the quality of food/drink being offered. Also it is my opinion the salt content contained in the food is far too high and the juice your forced to wash it down with is far too watered down! In all its a very unsatisfying experience eating in the stadium!! I reckon a discount shld be offered to ST holders too.

  9. The draft diet coke is always, always, always flat- even if the gas has just been changed! Especially annoying when it costs £2.50.

  10. I took the decision months ago not to buy anything inside the stadium. Food outside the stadium is a bit cheaper and better quality IMO.£4 odd for a cold hotdog or £2.50 for a juice that can only be described as flat is just not good. Also queues are horrendous.

  11. Where to start? So much to comment on. Pricing of food – how much should a day at the football cost? Be it season ticket, or bought on the day, punters have already forked out handsomely for the game, not including travelling costs for many. Last thing you want then, is to be fleeced for more inside the ground. £4 for a hot dog? Is there anything cheaper to make? How much markup can you squeeze out of 1 product? Perhaps you could begrudgingly accept these prices if the product reflected the price, which brings me to my next point.. Quality. The quality of goods offered is laughable. At any other food vendor outside of a matchday, you would refuse what was offered. Stale rolls, burnt pies, crusty pizzas. Not good enough. People know they can go to Greggs on way to the stadium, save a fortune, have far more choice & great quality. It’s a value driven market now, people will go where their pound goes furthest. Service – another bug bear. McD’s, Greggs (again), Subway.. all establishments frequented by our target market, who will all have experienced lightning quick service and become used to this. What they don’t want is “sorry, we’ve ran out” or watching 1 person try to do the work of 5. Not on. To sum up, feelings range from dissapointed in quality to anger in pricing. Please consider sub contracting this out to an established high street name. May make less, but customer experience would be greatly enhanced.

  12. Food and drink prices are to high,also service can be bad as they run out of stuff all the time, reduce prices and would expect people to buy more.having had 2 season tickets for 15 years I think things are worse now than previous years

  13. […] over one and a half thousand replies, which were duly collated and published as the results of […] Source: […]

  14. Have you ever been to a Bundesliga match? I went to one recently, and my flabber was gasted two or three times over.

    Before the game, I’d guess around 20,000 people had dinner outside the stadium. Not a quick bite, or a pie, but big, sit-down meals with the whole family. Healthy stuff, unhealthy stuff, but all quality. We were sheltered from the elements (blazing sunshine, eugh!) by a huge awning pulled out from the side of the stadium by guy-ropes. People were even turning up just to eat, then leaving before the game- it was that good.

    I then came back to Glasgow and realised that in getting 50k+ people together for a couple of hours each fortnight, we are doing 90% of the hard work, then letting all that cash slip away again. And (kinda!) forget the cash- this is about putting on a great service, you know? Rolling out the red carpet for the fans, and putting smiles on faces.

    I’d bet there are enough large-scale catering facilities sitting dormant at the weekend within 10 miles of Parkhead that we could get something great going without a huge outlay. Or we could just stick with queuing 10 minutes into the 2nd half to pick up some grey stodge.

    I’ve eaten once at Celtic Park in 10 years, that was enough, and I always leave starving!

  15. Club are constrained by concessions but key things, which could be addressed separately:

    a) Quality of produce – very low, all processed foods, no (low-cost, so keep high margins if they need to) healthier alternatives like sandwiches, fruit juice.

    b) Price of items – OK, they have pricing power because of the location and deliberately shortened opening times- but doesn’t mean they have to use it – prices are extortionate considering the money supporters spend just to get to the game.

    c) Opening times – Again, understandably limited as wage costs are by the hour but why not remain open at least until 60th/70th minute of matches and as mentioned above, have some facilities open after game for fans with long journeys to get provisioned?

    Think these suggestions could improve the consumer experience and actually boost revenues a small amount.

  16. The food is over-priced and some of it is of extremely low quality for what is being charged. Here’s an example of how extremely over-priced some of it is. At Langside College, the same brand (Rollover) and only just slightly smaller a size of Hot Dog, which costs £4 at Celtic Park, costs just £2.10 with a can of Coke, Irn-Bru, etc. A Hot Dog and a drink at Celtic park costs £6.50. I could go to McDonalds and buy a regular meal and happy meal with that. They should also bring back the two different sizes of drinks; regular and large. Sometimes the large drink is a lot more than you really want or need and it seems like only the large drink is now sold in order to make more money.

  17. Not bad standard, however far too expensive. Vans outside ground are cheaper so more likely to buy there.

  18. The catering is an expensive joke , over priced and low in quality. Get KFC or greggs in on match day. There is a recession on and people can’t pay over £2 for a pie , which is probs cold and is more like an offensive weapon. The juice is watered down and the pizza well let me just say the cardboard it comes in tastes similar .

  19. For the love of god let us have soup. Two thirds of the season is freezing cold & if we can’t stand to keep warm, let us buy heat for the stomach & soul. Keep serving till 15mins after the final whistle or install vending machines. Ridiculous that nothing is available after 10 mins into second half. Current food & drink quality & choice is horrendous. Just invite franchises in and be done with it

  20. I am afraid must the same comments as everyone else.
    Overpriced food, burnt offerings, long ques, nowhere to put your food down, need I go on.
    Like most other fans I want to give my money to the club, but for that I expect value for money.
    The catering is a joke, and its a gold mine if Celtic just opened up their eyes.
    I would ask the directors take a trip around the ground and see what the service is like, a kinda of
    Undercover boss theme, then come on here and tell us we are wrong.

    • Great idea, the potential to increase revenue is fantastic. many time I have went hungry rather than join a ridiculous queue to be served poor quality fare and miss the opening 5 minutes of the 2nd half.

      • They have the same heated racks as McDonald’s to keep the food warm, why do they not use them. The servers has to pour your bovril and serve your chips, get a pie from the oven, and we wonder why there are ques.

        Don’t they have supervisors watching what is going on, and if they do they must believe this is acceptable and that we love to que and miss the match.

  21. Take my granddaughter to every home game and insist that she has something to eat from the chippie or snack van outside before the match.
    This is due to poor quality of food, inflated price and slow service at the food outlets in the stadium.

  22. Last week 1st kiosk was closed.2nd kiosk at five to 3 had no pies ready. At half time kiosk ran out of hot food but failed to tell execution type queue of this fact.North Stand Upper catering has always been a joke alongside the provision of adequate and decent toilet facilities but that’s for another time.

  23. How I hate to say anything negative about my beloved club but catering at Celtic park is appalling.

    I go along with my 2 young sons to enjoy the ‘match day experience’ but really mr Lawell there is none! The catering cost and quality is terrible but not worrying is the service. THIS IS CELTIC!!! We are a world wide institution, a family club where the fans deserve the best!

    Everything to the tiniest detail should be the best it can be. The young fans are the lifeblood of the club they deserve better. We want to watch the Bhoys as a family and enjoy the experience but unfortunately (although some might disagree) the catering service, product and cost is a massive part of the day but its shocking! And needs resolved now.

  24. I don’t mind paying for something especially food but at the moment the catering at Celtic Park is overpriced and of a poor standard. Cold chips, burnt pies, dry burgers and flat cold drinks. Myself, 2 other adults and my son all ST holders have started going to shop near the ground, for what it costs for 4 hot drinks (£8.80) in the ground we can get something to eat and drink and get change back.
    The club could also promote healthy eating not everyone wants a pie or burger.

  25. Never had a problem paying 3 or 4 quid for a good quality pie! Nothing worse than paying over the odds for dodgy food or hot dogs.

    Most people eat an drink before games and directly after mainly due to ques and prices. I never eat at half time because of ques.

    Interesting fact, when diela smith took over Norwich they realised their match day revenue was much lower than clubs of a simalur size. They asked the fans who had they best pies? The answer was something like Darlington. One call to Darlington to find out who supplied their pies and 2 months later thier money taken on match day food had risen by 400%.

  26. The food as we know is not good enough. I know it’s down to practicality and profit. An idea I would like to throw in would be noodle, pasta or rice boxes. You know the kind you can get in tesco etc? Ken Hom do a good one. They are cooked in microwave in minutes and have over a week to use. It’s certainly healthier and better tasting than the current nonsense and its practical.

  27. It’s about time there was a healthier selection of food on offer. Simple but healthier alternatives to junk and grease. Soups, Irish Stew, Stovies, Mini Haggis Neeps and tatties etc

  28. Please start selling macaroni pies.

    Many thanks.

  29. Overpriced, not value for money.
    Poor choice
    Why are pies sold out by half time?
    Burnt tasteless food
    Massive queues, waiting for 25 mins for burnt pies.
    Poor customer service

  30. Firstly ,thanks to you for organising this voice about the quality of catering inside the ground. I have long since thought I am going to do something about this especially after a steak pie and a cup of something hot inside the ground. Every time, I say that was disgusting and I am going to complain !!!! Or words to that effect.
    It is true that feeding the 5000 in the North Stand is no miracle but still a wonder anybody buys anything at all -for those travelling a distance it is the only food available.
    C’mon raise the stakes and do the Disney World thing , treat the fans with some classy service and superior food.
    What happens in the lounges before,at halftime, and after match should be the norm for ALL Celtic fans to some extent rather than the begrudged catering facilities we get at the moment in the North Stand

  31. I travel from Leicester for every home game I wont buy any produce mainly due to the fact that it is overpriced. Until it is reasonably priced I will continue not to purchase anything in the main stand. I would rather pay service station prices than be fleeced by the catering company that has the franchise at Celtic park. The prices are extremely high for the poor quality products on offer. Lets face it a pie and a bovril is nearly a fiver, its a disgrace!

  32. A total shambles in the Jock Stein upper.

    If you go down for a pie at half time, you probably wont see the start of the second half and you’ll be lucky if there are any pies left by the time you get to the front of the queue.

    Its time a better selection of food was sold at the football, including more healthy stuff and real food instead of crap like pies. Maybe sandwiches or little tubs of pasta or curry etc.

    Also, you’d be better off drinking your own urine than taking any of the hot or cold drinks at celtic park. Plastic bottles of juice etc should be OK and would be profitable at the prices charged.

  33. There really needs to be low cost healthy food like soup and a sandwich, hot chicken baguettes, baked potatoes, pasta, low fat crisps, pre chopped fruit snack pots

  34. The only thing I buy is coffee, but i bought my nephew his first season ticket and he would always ask for a pie and a coke. Then 1 game we got a parking space on the Gallowgate and he got a fish supper from the Blue Lagoon for £3.50 and told me afterwards that was what he was going to get from now on because it was delicious and the pies are rotten his words not mine. He is 9yrs old.

  35. I’m not sure of the exact price but a chicken burger chips and drink costs over £8 at Celtic Park. The same deal in KFC were the quality will be much better can be purchased for under £5. Same with hamburgers etc. its cheaper to go to McDonald’s for a better burger than the one sold at Celtic Park.

  36. I imagine match day catering is a bit of a challenge. You have us for a limited period of time, we get there later than you would wish and we don’t want to spend time in queues, especially when the game is underway. So I appreciate the challenge. That said, what we get is dreadful. Your are frequently unable to provide something as simple as a black coffee. Service is poor, well intentioned kids, but with zero organisation or leadership. Queues are the norm, though not because of the number of people waiting, rather due to the time taken to serve customers. A recent example was the Cup match with Arbroath. Despite an attendance if around 15,000 it took 25 minutes to be served over the half time period.

    The catering plays to the worst stereotypical views of a West of Scotland diet. The assumption seems to be that we are only interested in hot dogs, pies and crisps. Only the prices would do justice to high quality catering.

    I really dont like the idea of football supporters being thought of as customers, but when it comes to catering, that is what you need to do to get us purchasing. I get the sense that Celtic have no interest in me when it comes to catering. The whole model is geared towards how do we maximise income from these mugs that we have for a couple of hours as a captive audience.

    It is no where near good enough. We have strong feelings towards Celtic. We will put up up with a lot, but above all we want to be associated with a club that we feel part of, and that treats us with repect.

    Get a grip Celtic. This is way below what we should be entitled to.

  37. For the last few years the prices have crept up and up but the quality certainly hasn’t improved. As for the meal deals that are advertised. £7.00!! Is it any wonder people choose to eat before they come or bring their own food with them.

  38. Good luck on getting change on catering front. Too often there has been cold food or food not ready for half time and tbh quality if selection is not best. I still think decent soup is a winner but that’s just personal opinion. Good luck

  39. I do not buy any food at the stadium the costs and quality are horrendous. As for the cost of hot water and a tea bag that must be the highest mark up of any product sold in catering circles. An absolute disgrace. I buy my food from greggs or Rab Ha’s prior to the match for me and my son.

  40. Recently went to Celtic v motherwell match at the north lower lounge seating and I’ll tell you
    The catering there is the best even the pies sausage rolls etc
    They are 100% better than the other food catering elsewhere in the ground
    No wonder they all run from their seats 5mins before half time
    And at full time don’t see the point in going if your missing a large chunk of the match

  41. I can only really echo the above: I don’t want to miss the end of the first half nor the start of the second. I’d also like to see more healthy options: I’m vegetarian (I know, a rarity) so the pie & Bovril holds no appeal to me but I really don’t want half a burned pizza – some sort of pasta salad for the few warm games, and then a hot soup for the colder ones should be easy enough to buy in and sell fro a reasonable markup.

    Cost-wise though: it’s pretty obscene. I pay £650-ish for my ST and it’s a fairly hefty trek up to the games (about 9 hours roundtrip, plus the game makes for a long day, and I know I’m not alone in this) so I often end up going most of a day with nothing to eat as I just won’t spend my money on the stuff on offer. I have the money to spend, but the staffing at the concessions just aren’t set up to deal with the needs of the Celtic Park faithful in the brief time that they’re open.

    Finally – thanks to Frank for organising this. He does a great job, and we should all be very proud of him. Next time I’m up for more than a day trip I owe you a beer!

  42. I worked in match day catering AND full time for over 4 years on and off and every suggestion we gave was said ‘we’ll think about it’. As a genuine supporter who went to matches i felt i had a rough idea of what fans would like on cold match nights or days (real soup not the cup kind and rolls or pieces). Every 6 months we had the head office asking for our opinions but nothing was ever put through. While i was there we trialed pastas, baked potatoes, baguettes, fish with real chips, curries, mac pies but as far as i’m aware only one or two out of maybe 80 or so stalls sold these. I have always saw it as they only want profit and thats why it isn’t very well publicised as it means they have to put more orders in ie spending!! Not a pleasant company, i just hope the management team has changed hands and we are more successful in changing the shoddy menu.

  43. Well, as has been said, I don’t go to Celtic Park to eat, I go t watch Celtic. That said, I fully understand there are fans less fortunate than I to live only a short car journey away and would like something worthwhile to keep them going on their travels.

    Why not contract out the food stalls inside the ground to those who specialise in providing fast ‘affordable’ food, i.e McDonalds, KFC, BK etc?

    These companies would pay thousands for a concession inside CP on match day and they specialise in serving large volumes of food in as efficient a way as you’re likely to get for a football stadium anyway.

    Also, and contrary to popular belief, they can offer more healthy options if requested to so no-one can complain about it being unhealthy. (Bearing in mind, I’ve never seen anyone ask for pasta/salad inside CP to date, and I’d wager the nutritional value of the current menu isn’t great anyway).

    I’m betting a Value Meal you’d pay for in either of these outlets is far cheaper than the equivalent procing inside a CP food kiosk.

  44. FRANCHISE THE FOOD, remove club from the equation and let free market dictate the standards. Let food retailers compete on the concourses and outside the stadia.

    Domino slices
    spud you like?
    subway (however I appreciate it can take a while to make these).
    EVEN KFC/McDonalds/Burger King at a push.

    SOUP and a roll. Jeezus jones, its a staple of home life but ignored at the football. How about a ‘pot noodle station’. A sealed vending machine where you pick your pot noodle, peel lid then it fills with hot water. Or you bring own and it fills with hot water for Xp (5/10p max). Designed in such a way that no-one can be burned while filling.

    Tell me companies wouldn’t PAY to install their kitchens and exclusive rights to push their brand at 100,000+ captive punters a month?

    Let people order and pay before kickoff, then separate area to purely collect at halftime. Less organised people can queue or visit a mobile vendor.

    Themed food.
    Theme against the opposition, theme for time of year. etc.. Player themed food, have players list their top 3 foods and fan surveys for “Dish of the game”.

    Pizza/pasta pots for Juve game.
    Haggis for St Andrews, Irish Stew for St Patricks.

    I love the idea of awnings outside the ground for people to rock up well before game, mingle enjoy a meal and maybe an open air drink. To restrict fears of public disorder tie to season book / match day ticket and cap to 3 drinks per ticket.
    I appreciate there’s a cost to this for the club, but make it much more of an experience. Even the failed claymores at murrayfield made an effort to promote community in fans pre-match.

    We all remember the macaroon guys with boxes walking round the track, bring that back. Have guys going up and down stairs selling hot dogs, hot nuts and juices if need be. But that could be intrusive to people viewing the game, my sister says it works well in USA check their distribution models.

    VENDING MACHINES! For the love of god install them. Hot bovrils, tea, coffee, cold juices, crisps/sweets. This type of stuff shouldn’t require people to queue at a till.

    Again, franchise them and club take a percentage of the profits.

    Cruicially the price for the franchise food must be the same as outwith the ground, no fleecing people for £6+ for a hotdog and carbonated disgusting mess.

    Tie purchases to season card with a swipe system at point of sale and offer reward points in shop for these purchases rather than then being meaningless.

    I’m quite sure the franchise companies would be able to manage their product very well in competition and would ensure quality remained high. After all if it wasn’t, they’d be left with excess stock destined for local charities! (probably another tax break)

    A good thing from this has been an admission from the club that fans ARE permitted to bring their own food, not drink, into the ground.

    Failing this Jamie Oliver has a proven track record in turning around school dinners, I’m quite sure he’d jump at the chance to tackle substandard ‘event’ food. Proving it can be done healthier and cheaper if we decide not to go down the mass market franchise route.

    Whats obvious however, is the status quo is unacceptable.

  45. Historically, I haven’t been one for using the kiosks at Parkhead, as the length of time it takes to get served eats into my experience of watching the game.
    However, I have been taking my 5yo son to the games recently and I would rather go to a van/fast food shop outside, or better still, take a backpack of snacks for him than entertain the poor quality, over priced fare on offer at the “pie stall”. I would however, prefer my money to go back into the club.
    The thing that really annoys me is that the stalls offer a “meal deal” of burger or pizza, chips and a drink for £7.50!! (Section 113) If I wanted, I could get this type of deal for more than a third of the price at McDonald’s or any other established fast food place. Kids also love crisps, chocolate and juice and the price of these at the stalls would make Dick Turpin blush. For example, the last time I looked, a large Capri Sun cost £1.80. I can buy a box of 10 (slightly smaller) Capri Sun from Asda for £3!
    I don’t have personal experience with the service, although my mum regularly buys a hot chocolate at half time. One one occasion, the young attendant behind the counter was verbally abused by an angry ‘customer’ because there were no chips ready! Her supervisor didn’t intervene until my mum complained to her about the treatment meted out. It’s no surprise that the staff keep their heads down when they don’t get support from their supervisors. (Stewards eventually dealt with the ‘customer’ by the way)
    I think a renegotiation of the catering contract is long overdue. The produce on offer at the moment is simply not good enough, especially if the club wants to encourage families to keep visiting and supporting the team. It would also make good business sense for the club to offer half decent grub to the fans who are shelling out lots of hard earned cash to get to the games in the first place.

  46. I really wish we could have someone within the club who was responsible to improve the match day experience for the Celtic supporter, a person whose sole purpose is to take on board the ideas above and put the best of them into a project and see it through to completion.

    Pay this person 45k a year and you know what you’d make his salary back tenfold in the first year easily. I wish Celtic would understand they have a captive audience every two weeks who are more then willing to spend their hard earned cash inside the stadium instead you have Celtic supporters eating at McDonald’s, pizzahut, Greggs, chip shops and burger vans around the stadium. It’s almost as if Celtic don’t want the money! As has been said many times above the food is overpriced and substandard quality, the service is poor as the wages paid I’d guess are not up there.

    Some of the ideas above are excellent, and the potential is huge!

    I love the idea of large scale tented village being set up, you see these remain market types being setup in the morning on weekends and serving top quality fresh foods, put in large benches and basic tabels, big projector showing old celtic games and maybe just maybe serve some beer and you could fill 2,000 seats easily.

    inside the stadium is it not possible to outsource some of the outlets to a subway /curry/ soup/ McDonald’s/ pizza hut so supporters an have a choice and your dealing with a company who can cope with demand and have a trained staff base they can all on, I hate to call Celtic fans customers , but this what Celtic have thousands of customers every who stand around outside and visiting competitors and spending money that could be going towards the club it seems like a no brainer!

    Just moved over to Canada last summer and had the chance to visit the rogers centre for a blue jays game and some other sports it really is a different world in the quality, choice and speed of service. But we have to look closer to home and the bundisliga seem to know how to look after the fans in and around the stadium send someone over to visit a few grounds and learn!!!

    Fair play for setting up this survey hopefully you can get some changes in place!

  47. As a season ticket holder, I will always purchase my food & drink inside the ground, however with a young up & coming family who will become season ticket holders beside me it will become very expensive with a limited chance of healthy eating.
    I would love options of soup & freshly made cold meat / salad rolls / sandwiches / pasta choices. As we live in modern times and schools promote healthy eating, the club should also endorse this.

  48. The standard of food on offer is very poor and the service is just as bad.Long queues wet counters substandard food half cook pizza’s burnt pies and the hot dogs and burgers are terrible .Prices are a total rip off but you know whats worst the people in charge know how bad it is and dont give a monkeys.A healthy option should also be available like salad rolls,wraps ect plus kids food deals- food, drink and treat at a reasonable price.

  49. Celtic should seriously consider providing benches (metal even) outside the stadium…..a lot of fans arrive at the stadium long before the game starts and older fans could have a seat whilecwaitingbto enter the stadium…..even just few ‘dotted about’ would be sufficiient..

  50. Catering at Celtic Park is at best very poor. At the price of a sit down meal you can be the proud owner of a cold dry rubbery burger that is half the size of the dry stodgy bap , a couple of grease infested fries and a flat coke with no taste. The staff seem to be lacking in training and inter personal skills and on the whole it seems the whole operation is an affront to the Celtic brand and it would seem as taking a very good support for granted.

  51. I don’t get along as much anymore, but when I do. I want value for money. Prices are shocking!

  52. You know I don’t buy anything from the stadium other than the occasional Bovril when it’s cold. Would there not be any interest from the like of Greggs, Burger King or Costa opening a temporary matchday concession?

  53. I am a ST holder who sits in the North Stand in area 408. The food at CP is overpriced. Its £4.30 for a pie and bovril and over £2 for a cup of tea. The queues are shocking at half time. In and around the stadium its poor quality, high fat, low nutrient food. I now bring my own sandwiches for a snack as I get heartburn if I eat whats on offer in and around CP.

    I liked the idea that someone had put that there should be a catering market similar to what you get in the German Markets in St Enochs at Xmas. This would attract loads of people given that the area is seeing an improvement in the infrastructure and with the velodrome on the doorstep.

    We occasionally go to West at Glasgow Green for lunch before the game but would easily eat at CP if the food was better and healthier. It must be costing CFC money and needs a radical rethink. As someone has already pointed out, when the bunnet was here, did he not always refer to the customers as kings?

    Its time that customer service was given priority in the catering department.

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