Jan 092013

Your Chance To Have Your Say



Well, here we are. I was going to publish this tomorrow, but by total coincidence and through no fault of her own, one Angela Haggerty joked about someone hosting awards to me tonight, so I thought I might as well run with it now, rather than risk being beaten to the proverbial punch.

Last year, someone (Celtic Underground if my memory serves me right?) held a rather popular set of Twitter awards. Since there have been no repeat of these awards, I’ve decided to hold a small set of our own. Not only will you all have the opportunity to vote for your favourite sites, accounts, bloggers, fans and bampots, you’ll be able to vote for the award categories as well. The only rules are they need to be Twitter, and Celtic related. Obviously, we won’t be able to make use of every suggestion if a lot are made, but we’ll pick the best ones.

At this point, the only confirmed category is “Best Overall Unofficial Account of 2012″, which will be the main prize up for grabs. To suggest categories you would like to see included, please either contact ourselves on Twitter or leave a comment below. We will not accept any votes until these categories are finalised, and the voting period begins (keep an eye out for updates on Twitter).

I should highlight at this stage that we will not be accepting any nominations for ourselves, on the off chance that anyone wanted to suggest us. All in all these are awards just a bit of light hearted fun, with aim of recognising some of the people who help to brighten up the daily lives of people they have often never met.

Thank you, and all the best for 2013.


  12 Responses to “The 2012 Celtic Twitter Awards”

  1. I nominate The Celtic Network :)

  2. I vote for the Parrot (Stephan Monaghan) @machrie72 for any and all awards. Best bollox on twitter. Also needs a sponsorship from Mellow Birds.

  3. Best WAG on twitter and I’d nominate @lisahague KCommons better half appears to have embraced Celtic Family and adding to it on regular basis:)

  4. Have had a suggestion of “Best Radio Show” on Twitter…think we’ll run with that!

  5. Best twitter Rangers/Sevconian legal dissection & explanation category.

    Best twitter Musical and picture category.

    Best MSM – Journo twitter to Bampot twitter interaction category.

    Best Spreaker radio show.

    Couple suggestions there, sure there are plenty more, best of luck to all, no doubt all entries more than worthy.

  6. […] hosting awards to me tonight, so I thought I might as well run with it now, rather than risk […] Source: […]

  7. Best Charity has also been suggested.

  8. Best twitter blocker award.

  9. Also had Best Trend and Best Player (official) account suggested.

  10. Celtic Twitter Awards? You need to get out more.

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