Nov 282012

Thoughts On The Story Itself And The Decision To Publish It Today



This morning, the Daily Record published a story regarding Anthony Stokes with the headline pictured above. The full article, should anyone wish to read it, is available online here.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and try to tell you that Anthony Stokes’ attendance at this event was right or wrong, because it was, of course, his own decision. Regardless of what I said, if I commented on it in that nature, I’d have people from either side of the proverbial fence wanting to debate the point endlessly (and the chances are no one would manage to persuade the other group that they were right or wrong), so I see no point in that. However, considering he is described as having entered the event through a side door, it does suggest that he may have been trying to avoid any media outside.

As for the picture itself, it certainly doesn’t look professional. By that I mean it was taken on a phone or an “everyday” camera, as the lady pictured with Anthony probably asked for a picture with him, and then it may have been tweeted or put on Facebook or whatever. In one sense, it may have been somewhat naive of Stokes to think he could attend this event without it reaching the press whom, particularly in Scotland, were bound to jump on the story if they even got a sniff of it.

However, the story itself was first printed in The Irish Mail On Sunday on the 25th November 2012. Now, I saw a screenshot of this at the weekend, so this information has been in the public domain for some time.

And yet, the Daily Record have not chosen to publish it until today, Wednesday, the 28th November 2012. Considering that the story was already covered in some detail by the aforementioned Irish newspaper, it wouldn’t have taken too long to reword it a bit and have it ready for publication on an earlier date, had the Daily Record wanted it to be published sooner. Now, there is only one reason to wait until today to run this story, and it is, of course, that there is a football match scheduled to take place in Edinburgh tonight.



Heart of Midlothian v Celtic is now, without doubt, the most volatile fixture of the Scottish footballing calendar nowadays. Previously, it was of course the Glasgow Derby of old, but a new rivalry won’t be formed there for some time  unless Celtic meet the new club in a domestic cup tie. Returning to my point, considering the assault (in all descriptions other than that of a Scottish courtroom) on Neil Lennon at Tynecastle is still fresh in the memories of many, you have to seriously question the editorial decision to publish this story regarding Anthony Stokes today, and not yesterday or the day before.

Of course, the Daily Record will want to sell papers, especially in a time of plummeting sales, and more people are likely to buy a copy with a headline such as this on a day like today. Regardless of their reasoning though, waiting until today to publish that story can be seen as somewhat inflammatory, even if the Daily Record is predominantly a Glasgow paper, the story will undoubtedly spread across the country online. It reminds me of the moronic non-stories of old published in the run up to a Glasgow Derby which were designed to purely “up the ante” for the upcoming match. However, “upping the ante” for a match with a less than friendly history of late isn’t something to be applauded; it’s something to be condemned.

I just hope that after tonight’s match we’ll be talking about the football, regardless of what the result is in the end.



  9 Responses to “Stokesy Stokesy Stokesy…”

  1. There’s not much more need said over this story, you’ve said it all mate.

    There’s a reason the sales are plummeting and there’s a reason they’re known as the Daily Ragers amongst the Celtic support, no surprise then which audience might be coveted for better sales.

  2. Good observations.

    I agree with your opinion that the Record has delayed the publication of this piece in order to stir up trouble in advance of the Tynecastle fixture. I trust that the Celtic support will not rise to the provocation that is invariably guaranteed at that fixture from both the home support and the police.

    I’ve said this before and I’ll sat it again; anyone who supports Celtic should think long and hard before supporting the Daily Record. And remember that reading Record articles online also increases that newspaper’s advertising revenue.

  3. I think it was the players own choice to attend it was Andy Gorams choice to attend similar functions during his Rangers career……
    The Daily Filth Record are well renowned for this kind of gutter press reporting…no surprise they wait to cause trouble prior to a Celtic game…..pathetic…

  4. Typical Daily Record,a publication fit for one use and one use only.

  5. Started to play some old Billy Bragg stuff after years of abstinence. His wisdom and campaigning was inspirational. This certainly changed the msm in Liverpool. And highlighted the scum, for what they are.

  6. I urge all Celtic people to join me in a full Bhoycott of the manky rags Daily ranger and Scottish hun. I havn’t given any of them one thin dime of my money for about 2 years now. Buy the Scottish Daily Mail – this has a much more balanced view on all things football – or better still buy the Celtic View each week.
    Hail, hail.

  7. shameful piece of so called journalism. i stopped buying this rag years ago and can’t understand any celt buying it. traynor and his mob are a disgrace.

  8. I stopped buying the rag Since they tried to crucify The One and Only Fergus McCann! at that time THEY KNEW! Fergus was in the process of successfully establishing Celtic as THE MAIN TEAM in Scotland !and THEY WERE VOMITING! they still are, I Wonder why!

  9. No one who buys the Daily Record can honestly say that they are a Celtic supporter. Do they (you?) not realise that they (you?) are contributing to Rangers F.C every time you hand over money to buy this poisonous anti-Celtic toilet roll. Shame on them (you?) if you do buy this and other anti-Celtic rags. The quicker this filthy garbage is dead the better for everyone.

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