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Our Chance To Bring A Piece of History Home To Paradise



Above, you can see one of the more iconic photographs of the Celtic support, crammed into the Estadio Olimpico in Seville less than an hour before the kick off of the UEFA Cup Final, 2003. You’d be forgiven for looking at that picture and thinking “what banner is he talking about?” but now I’d like to draw your attention to the top of the photograph, and the crest hanging above the Celtic end.

Before the match, both Celtic and Porto had a banner hanging above the end in which their supporters were housed showing their badge. Measuring about 20-25 feet by 20-25 feet, the banners background matched the style of the red and yellow tickets and programmes.

Having been in Seville with my father, I cannot believe I am about to say this (perhaps the rest of you will not be as excited as me, I don’t know), but now, as a fan base, we have the chance to buy that banner.

A few days ago, it was brought to my attention that a Celtic supporter in England (who originally got the banner in an auction not long after the final) was selling it on eBay. I contacted him and after a bit of discussion, he has since taken it off of eBay and given me the opportunity to test the waters with regards to our supporters potentially purchasing it.

The seller is looking to get around £500 for the banner (a similar figure to what he originally paid) and therefore I have a proposal for you all.



I would like us (if the desire within the support is there) to club together, purchase this piece of Celtic’s history, and bring it home to Celtic Park to hang it from one of the stadium’s tiers on match days.

I am not looking for donations at this moment in time. However, I am asking people to get in touch if they would be willing to pledge some money towards this project. This way we would be able to establish whether or not we could raise the required money when the time came. If not, then we will of course abandon the project and the seller will return to his search for a buyer.

I know £500 is a lot of money for a banner, but Celtic do not reach European finals every season and I think we’d all agree this banner deserves to be seen and enjoyed by Celtic supporters of all ages, instead of going to a private collector to sit in a box for years. The seller says he has contacted the club in the past regarding the banner, but they have not shown any interest in purchasing it.

Any pledges of funding would be massively appreciated, from £1 upwards. If we establish that enough money can be raised, we’ll start to accept donations and anyone who does make one will have their names associated with the banner in some way.

If this project progresses, I may ask for Celtic supporters from a particular part of England to get in touch, as I would like someone (or a few people) to go and see the banner to confirm it’s in good condition etc before handing over any of our money.

Once again, we’re not looking for donations at this time, only pledges.

If you would like to pledge any amount, you can do so on Twitter (by tweeting us @MaleysBhoys) or by leaving a comment at the bottom of the article below.

Ladies and gentlemen, I feel chances like this don’t come up very often; let’s bring it home, even if we do need to find, for example, five hundred separate fans willing to donate £1.

Thank you.


  102 Responses to “Time To Bring Our Banner Home At Last?”

  1. Count me in if you do start looking for donations!

    • Fantastic, thanks Sharon. As I’ve said we’d need to make sure everything was good RE it’s condition and stuff before we ever handed over any money, but we’ll cross the bridge when we come to it :)

  2. Put me down for a tenner MB;-) hh

  3. I’m in mate, im more than happy to pay my way.

  4. Count me in!

  5. It could be hung on the inside wall of the jock stein or Lisbon lion stand where the roof drops to the level of the main stand roof. There’s a space at each side of the ground.

  6. be more than willing to donate HH

  7. Count me in for a tenner.

  8. I’ll be willing to donate £5

  9. Yes not a problem bring it back to its rightful. Place.

  10. £10 from me!!

  11. There’s so many of you on here and on Twitter that I can’t reply to you all individually, but I am noting down all the details people are sending my way and I’ll be in touch should we reach the stage where we’re going to look to take in real donations.

    Once again, I would highlight the fact that before any money is transferred, I’ll be making sure a few people local to the seller go and check out the banner’s condition, authenticity etc.

    Thank you all once again.

  12. Happy to help to bring home the banner how do i make a donation

  13. count me in bhoys

  14. I will put in a £5 to help HAIL HAIL

  15. Great idea, I’m in for a tenner

  16. Would be up for donating aswell

  17. I will donate £20 …….. Great idea to get this piece of Celtic history HH

  18. Maleys Bhoys, Happy to throw in a tenner, more if you’re low on pledges. Couple of questions though? Where would it be stored and who will put it up for each game? Or are you thinking about a permanent display?
    Also, what town/ city is this guy in? I live in Manchester – that’s why I am asking. If they are near, I could probably get a few from the local CSC to help out.

    John D (@73scoops)

    • Thank you mate.

      At present the plan would be to consult with the club (before any donations are actually made) to make sure we could:

      1. Store in the stadium in the same way, for example, the Kano Foundation do with their banner

      2. Either I myself and a few friends would sort out the display at any games it was being displayed at. However, if it wasnt done by ourselves, I’m sure we could find people to help us with it.

      3. I believe he is somewhere in Oxfordshire, so we’re currently looking for someone from that neck of the woods to help us out.

      Thanks again, and if you have any more questions please feel free to get in touch.

  19. I’d like to pledge £5 ..

  20. Great idea – we’ll do it if the Club doesn’t. Count me in – let me know when you want the tenner. HH

  21. great idea,i’m in.

  22. Happy to contribute once your happy all is ok with it :-)

  23. Happy to contribute £10. I’ll definitely increase this when I make my fortune in the Sevco Share Issue.

  24. I’d be more than happy to send a donation.

  25. Bring it home to paradise. £20.00

  26. im in Hail Hail

  27. Count me in HH

  28. count me in for a tenner as well Hail Hail

  29. count me in for a tenner as well Hail Hail

  30. This is not optional. I didn’t realise the thing existed but it is essential that we bring it back home.

    Whatever system is put in place and whatever deadline is agreed, I’ll make up any shortfall upto and including the full £500 amount.

    Easy done!

  31. I’ll pledge £5

  32. I’ve got plenty of folk in the area who work for me who can pick it up and get it home as well.

  33. I’ll chip in too.

  34. Sorry, but why not just make a new one? Anyway, how sure are you that you that you’ll be buying the one in Seville. Also, we got beat! Travesty and all that, and I wish every Porto player – and Mourinho – a horrible genital disease for how well they cheated their way to a win, but WE GOT BEAT! Was the fans’ finest hour and all that, but try finding something from Lisbon in ’67 or somesuch – it’s not exactly a great talisman guys – we lost. Feck sake

    • You’re perfectly entitled to your opinion mate, but I think the fact it was at one of only 3 European finals the club has featured in will resonate with a lot of people. More supporters travelled to Seville than the previous 2 combined (obviously because it was thirty years later and travel links were much better) and despite the fact we got beat I think a lot of people remember that season fondly. Anyway, thanks for the feedback anyway :)

  35. Count me in

  36. Great idea which I’m happy to support with at least £10

  37. I’d chip in 2

  38. Great idea – count me in for £10. Maybe we can get it in time for Champions League final ;)

  39. Count me in. Xx

  40. count me in x

  41. Put me down for tenner. Well worth it

  42. I’m in mate, brilliant idea.

  43. More than happy to contribute, think it deserves to be on show. I’ll throw in £20 as a start, can give more if needed.

  44. Stick me down for a fiver mate.worthy project i think. Fairplay2 yas. HH


  45. Hi I am happy to pledge £20. Let me know when.

  46. Yes, put me down for £5.00 if legit……….

  47. Count me in for £10, Let us know the running total I’m willing to put in more, think its a great idea.

  48. Count me in as well. Be more than happy to help bring it home

  49. Count me in :) HH

  50. Count me in for £10, great idea

  51. Count me in!! great idea

  52. yip, happy to help £10. can’t believe the club weren’t interested. HH

  53. let me know when to donate x #HH

  54. No problem. Put me down for a tenner

  55. count me in for £10. hail hail !

  56. I will donate no problem guys .

  57. I now live down south in Lincoln. It’s 250 miles round trip for me but I am willing to go have a look. My son was born in Oxford so there is a nice connection for me.

    Oh, and count me in for a donation!

    • Thanks a lot for the offer Jim, I’ve had a few people say they’d be willing to take a trip so if there’s someone closer I’d do my best to save you the hassle. You never know though I guess. Thank you again!

  58. Definitely IN. This will be a great addition to Paradise if genuine and authentic!

  59. I would be willing to donate £10 TAL

  60. Count me in Willie! £20. @gwibfc if you need to contact me.

    Alli x

  61. Count me in for a tenner..its part of our history…Hail Hail

  62. Would be happy to donate for this piece of history to be shown at Celtic park. Up to £50 if that helps. Hail hail

  63. Add me too!

  64. Count me in for a fiver. Can’t believe the fans have to do this when celtic must earn that in 5 half time minutes.

  65. Its a family heirloom, by the way, fantastic spot to reclaim, well done Sir. I’ll go minimum tenner.

  66. Tenner here

  67. Ur right big man , finals are great but rare achievements , an Their memories should b cherished ,bag ‘n ‘ tag it £20

  68. I never made Seville, but was represented by 80,000 Bhoys and Ghirls that did our club proud. It would be a privelege to donate a tenner.

  69. al chip in sir!

  70. Couint me in for £10.00

  71. Bring it home count me in HH

  72. I’d we happy to donate a tenner for part of our history. Really surprised by the club on this one.

  73. What a fantastic way to correlate and generate funding for different/special purchases. Our club, Ramsgate Emerald CSC are happy to lend our support to bringing such a relevant piece of our great clubs history to Celtic Park. Many thanks to you and your fellow club members for taking on the responsibility of looking after the banner on its return. You have our pledge. HH

  74. Count me in for a Tenner

  75. I`ll gladly donate £10 for this wonderful idea , well done for the effort and commitment you are showing. (im in England, though im in Cambridgeshire which is a fair way from Oxford)

  76. Surely this is a no brainer! Let us know if it’s a fiver a head for example and we’ll have the money in a day I’m sure! Hail Hail!!!

  77. More than happy to put a cheeky wee £5 in. More if needed.

  78. Hello Bhoys I will throw in £10
    Hail hail

  79. Put me down for a £10, best week of my life

  80. Ill donate.

  81. Tenner from me.

  82. Heading towards the 100 mark – a fiver each. Sounds like a no-brainer.

  83. would be more than happy to contribute. great idea


  84. I’m in. £10 and up!

  85. Willie Maley
    I can spare a few pounds , There should be no issue raising £500 for this little piece of our history.

  86. Set up a PayPal account, you’ll have the money in a couple of days, I’ll pay £10 tp see that banner at CP.
    Gift it to the club, or the GB if they’re interested.

  87. Put me down for a tenner, I’m with Doc above set up a Paypal account for payment, the link can be placed in other Celtic minded sites if needed.

    Hail Hail

  88. £10 for me. just a thought. what about raising as myuh as possible, pay the £500 for the banner, and whatever is left goes to Kano, Thai tims, Oscar Knox, Mary’s meal or some other charity, as is the celtic way. i am not on twitter or fb so will keep an eye on this site for instructions on how to donate

  89. Count us in, The Paul Baxendale – Walker Number 1 Celtic Supporters Club

    Brian, Craig ,Tam

    Hail Hail

  90. Count me in for a tenner too. Bring it home.

  91. Defo count me and some of my mates in for £10 each, will defo have £100.

  92. I’m good for a small donation.

  93. Def would contribute a few quid to have a piece of history brought back to paradise……count me in.

  94. I would be only to happy to help out with another £10 you know there would be no problem getting this

  95. Count me in. Will gladly contribute if it it’s the genuine article. Let’s bring it home.

  96. Happy to contribute… Hail Hail

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