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Make Your Voice Heard Before 8pm Monday

In mid-September, I published the results of the catering survey carried out on this website by almost 1,600 people. These were then sent to Celtic Football Club, and we were then left to await a response. Last week, the Club got in touch and invited me to attend a meeting with the head of catering at Celtic Park, and a representative from the company who supply the food itself.

Over the next few days, I will be preparing for this meeting as appropriate. However, I feel it would be wise to allow you all the ability to voice any remaining points of view you may have regarding the catering at Celtic Park not covered in the survey itself. You can do this by simply leaving a comment at the bottom of this article. All of these comments will then be printed off and taken to the meeting by myself. Whilst every individual comment will not cited on the day, I will leave a copy of them all with those at the Football Club.

Considering I will need a couple of days to collate these comments and prepare them adequately, you’ve only got until 8pm Monday (twenty four hours from now) to get them in. I apologise for this deadline, but it’s a necessary restriction.

As promised when I first started the survey itself, I will continue to do my best to represent all of your opinions, and to keep you up to date with any developments when I can. Thank you.

  52 Responses to “Catering At Celtic Park: Have Your Say!”

  1. I feel the food is low quality and exceptionally expensive, pizza is served up even if incinerated. A collaboration with quality baker for things like pies, bridies, sausage rolls would be great…..even offering up beans like at St Mirren. I personally rarely eat in the stadium as I can get better quality and value at the roll shop or chippy nearby.

  2. The food is not only vastly overpriced but is of a poor quality . If it was reasonably priced and as good as the food available at both vans and fast food restaurants nearby then I would buy it . However it is overpriced and either is overdone or undercooked and takes an age to be served. I want to spend money and give the profit to Celtic but not if it means overcharging and poor fare .

  3. Due to long queues, overpriced poor quality food and flat soft drinks we have made the choice to always purchase food outside the stadium.


  4. Standard of food is rubbish. Far to dear and represents no value for money. No deals that present value for money especially for parents who take there kids to the games. Nothing healthy to eat either

  5. Get fast food franchises to tender for stands around the stadium, follow the example of American baseball franchises when it comes to stadium catering instead of the dog food currently served

  6. I have been attending CP for more than half a century and the food there has always been, and continues to be:

    Lacking in choice.
    Lacking in vegetarian options.
    Lacking in healthy options.
    Served by apparently untrained and inefficient young people.
    Served in questionable environmental surroundings. The main stand catering, for example.
    Missing an opportunity – i.e. better food easily available before & throughout the game, like in the USA
    Inappropriate (see all above) for the Games coming to CP & near CP in 2014. What about all those East End health & diet initiatives…?
    Alll of the above also applies to the licensed (?) outlets in the vicinity of CP.

    I attended the ceremony at St Mary’s last week, and felt that that in the area of catering the club has not yet learned to treat its fans properly, but rather with disdain & contempt.

    • Great points Peter!

      The one thing I feel I should highlight though was the food after the event at St Mary’s was specifically designed to be humble in it’s nature in order to reflect the origins of the Football Club. For mince and potatoes I actually thought it was rather good! The executive catering is the one area I think the Club currently perform rather well in fact.

      Thank you once again for the comment though!

  7. 1) Overpriced for what it is – basically junk food
    2) Even if it was sensibly priced it is of terribly low quality. Dried burgers, burnt pies, dried out pizza
    3) Drinks frequently “not working” – Capri Sun only drink available
    4) Certain food items only available pre-match & half time. During 1st half “none ready”
    5) Staff inadequately trained.
    6) Poor selection of food and snacks available

    I have lost count the number of times I have visited the kiosk to encounter various problems. Nothing more frustrating than missing part of the match to ‘beat the rush’ at half time and encountering a queue that is the result of a member of staf that has been put on a till that 1) doesn’t know how to work it 2) doesn’t know the price of the items 3) doesn’t even know where the food is or what is available. You make your way to the front and you are greeted with “the pies are only available at half time and the soft drinks aren’t working, what can I get you?”

    Needs to be a focus on the quality driving the profit, rather than the profit driving the quality!

    The kiosks have so much potential to really add to the match day experience instead they take from it.

    Few suggestions:-
    1) Improved processes for checking equipment & stock prior to turnstiles opening.
    2) Improvement of existing quality check for food.
    2) More variety. Maybe every second stall doing different food. We don’t all want pies and burgers.
    3) Sensible pricing

    It is so simple I can’t understand how or why they are getting it wrong.

  8. I would just like some homemade soup. Something simply but very satisfying. It’s not to much to ask. I’m sure it would appeal to all the fans.

    Go on prove me wrong. You, know
    It makes sense.

  9. Stop using cheap condiments and get back HP and Hienz. This is not a joke. While we still have to eat the shit they sell it might as well taste like a decent condement. Hopefully you can change this whith your good work. Best of luck for the meeting dude.

  10. Celtic no longer need to worry quite so much about providing food for local kids, but they certainly should be concerned about the quality of the offering. High fat, high sugar, high salt content is all they have. For a sports club this is astounding. Please, lead the way by offering something that isn’t so shockingly poor. And, serve it more quickly; I spent all of half-time and the first 10 minutes of the second half waiting for a drink. The staff seem disorganised and the layout of tills etc not designed to offer a yuck service. It’s the poorest experience of the day by a mile.

  11. Very limited options for vegetarians. Over-cooked food. Healthy options would be good. Queues and waiting times are too long. Make eating at the match a pleasant part of a great day out.

  12. Sorry. ‘Yuck’ should be ‘quick’

  13. the food at cp is not only overpriced but on most occasions uneatable. mostly the pies are cremated and the burgers are so hard round the edge u can break ur false teeth eating them. A would rather buy a burger outside from the vans. The kids who serve the food to u havent a clue how to heat stuff and they burn most of the stuff.

  14. Prices are absolutely shocking for the poor quality on offer. Pies are usually sold out. I can understand the poor quality of staff given that are probably paid very poorly but surely an experienced supervisor would help things run better.
    Greggs the bakers factory is based only a few miles away and they supply everything that you would normally expect at a game, would that not be an obvious solution for them to supply the food.

  15. Love Celtic, hate the food served there, its low quality crap that i wouldn’t let my dog eat, its extortionate and so unhealthy, im a vegetarian and my culinary option is plain crisps at £1.50. why not sell homemade soup with rolls, easy to make and serve, just a wee bit of thought would go a long way.

  16. Take a walk round any serious sports arena in the US and every franchise you can name has a stall – point is, does CFC need to run this function? Franchise with 3-4 suppliers around the stadium… Would create competition and variety.

    What club’s catering is consisted good? Are pies n bovril what people want??? Really???

    Finally, could also install vending machines for sweets / crisps… Could cut queues.

  17. I’m in section 444 and I feel that I will miss a large amount of the game if I go and stand at the kiosk. Why is the ” Salad Bar Kiosk ” not open during the match? It doesn’t need to be a salad bar – that never took off the last time it was open, just make it another food kiosk. The queues in our section are massive all the time, if you go to them at half time, you are lucky to get back to your seat before the start of the 2nd half.
    There are not enough pizzas or chips to accommodate everyone and most people go away disappointed. I was there today v St Johnstone and I bought 3 trays of chips, 1/2 Pizza and 2 Capri Suns and I was over £10. It’s very expensive for a snack at the football.

  18. This subject has frustrated me for years. My problem is not only the fact that the food is overpriced and of very poor quality, it is the fact that as a club we are missing out on vast income with our apparent lack of interest in what we supply or how we go about supplying it.
    The people serving the goods could not look any less interested if they tried, is no one on hand to provide any sort of motivation? The service is so slow, most people simply give up and walk away.
    I’m sure most fans would rather buy from their club, but it is simply impossible without missing some of the game.
    A business the size of Celtic should have addressed this situation long ago, what other business has a captive audience of many many thousands, yet does so little to provide a service that the audience require and would supply the business itself with valuable turnover?

  19. The food is not great quality and is over-priced! I waited the full of half time to get a pie and some chips, the chips were cold and the pie overall plus a drink cost me about £7, crazy money for a half time snack thats not even that good!

  20. The food is really dear and is soemtime snot hot just warm like been in a microwave .the food should be liek what like up at aberdeen which tatses liek food and prices are not 2 dear they should serve soup and stovies and have a healthy choice as well

  21. The overall standard of food within CP is nothing short of appalling. Substandard overpriced junk food that people only buy due to no other competition.

    Lack of free drinking water is one of the biggest outrages, the staff claim they are not allowed to fill cups up with water from the tap, why is this? The club enjoy the atmosphere created by those is section 111 on a weekly basis, but almost everyone I know who sits in the section has to buy juice at least once a game- the provision of free tap water is a must in my opinion.

    The lack of healthy food is also disgraceful, at a time when so must emphasis is being placed on healthy eating, exercise etc- for one of the Biggest sporting institutions in the country to not be providing any healthy food is near on unbelievable.

    You could write all day about it, but none of my 10 season ticket holders or friends or indeed anyone I have ever met has been satisfied with the standard of catering within Celtic Park.

  22. Overpriced
    Very poor quality
    Poor service
    Length of time waiting to be served

    Whoever provides the food at Celtic Park is overcharging; they provide extremely poor quality and unhealthy food; the equipment looks out of date and dare I say unclean. The cost to families with young children is outrageous never mind the cost to individual adults. Poor selection of hot and cold drinks that all taste exactly the same….reminiscent of dirty dish water.

    Why have the Board done nothing to provide a faster, healthier and less expensive product? Given the array of information available on healthy eating and cost effective systems this is an area that should have been looked at not only in 2012 but at least 5 to 10 years ago.

    Celtic pave the way in their innovative initiatives yet they provide a sub standard catering service that damages and inhibits the match day experience.

    It need not cost a fortune to turn this around with the correct provider. In fact why do the Board not consider turning this into a new initiative working with catering colleges and the likes of Jamie Oliver (after all he turned around school dinners and proved that healthy and exciting food options could be provided at a fraction of the current costs). The benefits to all concerned not least the fans/visitors and the Club itself would not be difficult to achieve.

    With the right initiative as described above there is an opportunity to maximise community involvement/education; encourage sponsors; provide excellent PR but most of all provide a service that is long over due to the customers of the club who deserve much better than they have had to put up with for years.

  23. expensive trough food.
    stopped buying it.

  24. last season i spent
    £18 on pies at every home game, but they changed the suppliers, and they are not as good as the last ones, so i just bye hamburgers outside the ground, so calculate that roughly and Celtic are losing AT LEAST £390

  25. low quality, junk food, massively overpriced .
    i dont buy anything inside the stadium

  26. Given Celtics commitment to healthy eating via the FFIT programme they run alongside the SPL, don’t you think it would be an idea to have healthier options on the menu apart from the fat laden offerings that in effect only adding to the obesity problem this country already suffers from.

  27. Food at CP is over priced and unhealthy. Little imagination and thought for quality with a seemingly lack of thought for what is a captive consumer. I am vegetarian and see the same poor, expensive and unhealthy junk options as most other venues. With the recognised health issues identified in Scotland (heart disease etc) I would applaud CFC for taking a lead on this. Look at Forest Green Rovers for a true example of what can be done to cater for the needs of heakth conscious vegetarian football fans,

  28. Stadium catering is poor quality, poor choice and extremely expensive. Staff can appear disorganised at times, i.e. being told the water heater had just been switched on and the water wasn’t hot yet so they couldn’t sell me a cup of coffee at the Raith Rovers game, and most seem to have little or no training in food handling.

  29. I would be more likely to buy if:
    : service was quicker
    : if water was cheaper or free (would buy additional items)
    : quality of food was better

    In the last 2 months i have used the catering several times but only to purchase water
    I had to wait about 10mins even with only around about 10 people in queue, if there was soft drink stands or a drinking water area it would be more conveniant and shorten queues for those buying other items than just juice/water.

  30. I thought I would try the food today for a change as due to other things I never had time to eat beforehand.

    I chose a steak and gravy pie and bovril… I cant remember the exact price but it was around £2.50 for a pie and £2.20 for a bovril… The pie was over priced but could you please ask someone how they can charge over £2 for basically opening a load of gravy granules and putting hot water in? The Central hotel champagne bar has less of a mark up…The only other major mark which could beat it is the mark up on the soft drinks on offer.

    Choice of food and beverages very poor. We as a club run healthy eating programs but don’t offer many healthy options at our outlets.. To say it would not sell is like saying we have not evolved as a support.

    The layout behind the counter has too many dead areas and space utilisation could be an awful lot better and allow fresher food to be served.

    Service – Easy thing to reduce queue time is ring up the price on the till whilst waiting on the hot water being dispensed by the button which was pressed rather than waiting until it finished.

    Overall not a good experience today. The pie was not hot.

    I have had the same people sat beside me since we came back to the park and they buy pie and bovril every game without fail and their quote today was we had a different experience usually its the pie is cold and the bovril is too hot today it was the opposite

    Below the food outlet level in my section they have closed the outlet would it be too much to set up tables and chairs down there so you could have a mall like seating area….

    I know that while elections are about to happen there will be no change in the alcohol ability inside grounds but the way forward is to have places in the stadium where you can take the family to the games and have a meal before it

  31. Firstly I think its brilliant that Celtic have responded to your survey. Previous boards would have binned it from the off.

    What I would say the old fitba theory is a pie & a bovril. Its over 4 times as much within the stadium to outside. Nothing would please me more than the money I have going to my club, but I refuse to be ripped off.

  32. Food is vastly overpriced and tasteless, I very rarely get anything now preferring to eat pre match, I would buy from club if prices were cheaper and more realistic to the true cost of the food ie £2 for a pie your seriously having a laugh, meal deals are ridiculous and not. Bargain in any way shape or form, bring prices down

  33. Got told at the game today that they only had large drinks, so I am mystified as to how the genius behind the counter couldn’t manage to put a small portion in a big cup.

  34. Food quality is poor not only in the stands the lounge area is also poor! Went to the jock stein lounge for 6 yrs paid £30+vat per head for buffet style food. The biggest issue there was the level of service, the staff treat you like you’re a burden to them. Celtic should push for changes in the alcohol policy for Scottish football. Think we have developed as a society since the 80’s & if we brought this back along with better quality of food it could bring back fans & generate alternative revenue streams

  35. Celtic need to commit – commit to providing decent food quickly. They generally have less than 15 minutes to get everyone served. That means they must have more outlets (particularly walk in walk out ones), the food prepared and drinks poured, all ready to be picked up and paid for straight away. It can be done but as I say they have to commit resources and completely change their way of thinking. I’ve seen it done in Australia – even with big crowds I reckon at half time I could go backwards and forwards 3 times to get food and drink. Good Luck.

  36. The quality and quantity are especially low considering the price of the items. I only buy juice because I have tried the items on the menu and found them disgusting. I wouldn’t stand for the level of service either anywhere else my brother once at a game bought a pie and juice but the kid in the stall told him he had no change left so my brother left his change and walked away (as the lad was making no effort to find change in the hundred other till’s) wouldn’t see that anywhere else people vote with their feet and if the quality does increase how would the kiosks meet demand when the stock , equipment and the Staff struggle already when a majority avoid it for Food .


    Invite subway , greggs etc to tender while giving them a percentage of the stalls and have some quality customer orientated service and selection of food be buy outside without affiliation to.

    stalls outside kiosks and vending machines taking pressure from kiosks .

    (unrelated to food have holding pens at some off the fire doors for smokers the secc have them , there gated areas where you can go outside for a smoke and re-enter with-out any bother can’t beleive they expect smokers to sit roughly 2 hours without a ciggarette its not putting the customer first and basicly relying on their affiliation and with attendances at home league games in decline we need to do all we can to encourage fans back)

  37. i think it,s time for a complete overhaul the food on offer is appalling .the service is slow. items are overpriced.£4 for half a grease laden pizza.come on celtic we deserve better.

  38. I have been going to Celtic games for the past 3 years and recently I have noticed that young, inexperieced staff have been employed. My mum always asks for a black tea, and the unexperienced staff say that they dont sell black tea…I find it shocking that even my Mother knows and tells them just to take out the milk and bin it. Some of the younger staff cant even fit lids on the drinks and dont know how and where to get the food. I agree also that the food can be VERY expensive, but I have to admit that the steak and gravy pies are absolutley delicious!

  39. Hiya ; Now wile i agree with everything you are saying hear , I do actually work along in Celtic park ; and i run my team manager in onr of the kiosks . And i read a few of the comments aboit staff ; i have got to stick up for my staff beause i always tell them to be poilet and professional ; i do agree that some of tha staff are incompitant idiots but not the ones in my kiosk ! And im not sure if you are aware but all the menus are actually in the process of being changed ! Half of the is actually already changed ! But as i said i agree with ecerything you guys are saying ; but please please dont think this of all the staff at Celtic .

  40. Stopped buying food there now. We are two adults and two kids. We where spending over £20 on pies, pizza, crisps and hot drinks. Well over priced for the quailty of food on offer. It’s KFC on the way home now, cheaper and fills the family up.

  41. I agree with the tenor of the previous posts and don’t wish to repeat unnecessarily except to second the proposition that homemade soup and healthy sandwiches are available. And free water.

    I was in the Aviva last year and they had guys out in the stands selling drinks (granted they were alcoholic which we can’t do) a la theatres. Quick way to buy a few capri suns and waters without having to wait in an interminable queue.

    Thanks for taking up the cudgels on our behalf–much appreciated.

  42. Going to Celtic Park now for 37 years.
    Stop buying food inside Celtic Park 5 years ago.
    Never enough food ready.
    Quality poor.
    Staff rude and inexperienced.
    Service slow.
    Vastly over-priced.
    No customer focus.

    Seems they constantly get caught out by large numbers of fans appearing at the same time (half-time!!), how inconsiderate of us..

    When I compained to the girl serving me about the quality of an item I was told to ‘F’ off – as this tended to upset me and I demanded a supervisor I was surrounded by Police and told to return to my seat or face being arrested.

    Reply 39. sums things up I think……..surely thats a wind up?

  43. As i work within the catering trade as a chef,the food is appaling, cremated and way over priceed.The sftaff is now were near the standard to be anywere near a catering outlet never mind serving it. As i run a kitchen selling a pie for over 2 pound a hlaf a pizza the same that is just frozen and put in the oven is ripping us supportors off, i know its not that expensive to buy your prduce in with the right suppler and still make a profi, i think a whole rethink on supplers, trainning of catering staff, having someone there that knows how to cook and cook on a mass scale so food is plenty and of a choice with healthy options also with supervisrs present to make sure of a smoth running to the set up and if some one has a problem it can get dealth with straight away, its endless of wth way to improve but i think that would be a start to make the match day alot better

  44. I never buy food because the queues are too long and you miss the game. The food is unhealthy and all a bit dated and low rent. Solve these key problems and you’ll make more money and keep everyone happy.

  45. Dont buy the food but have friends & family who do. The pizza looks like a bit of cardboard and the hotdogs look plastic and I think I’ll refrain from even commenting about the smell from it as I’m sure you know what I mean. The food is clearly lacking in any nutritional value whatsoever! Is it any wonder why KFC is always stowed out on matchdays? You pay well over the top for food at CP that you wouldn’t even feed your dog!

    Since after the first few games of the season theres only been large drinks available at the kiosk where I sit, how hard is it to obtain regular sized drinks cups?

  46. There’s a common thread here. Serve a mixture of decent quality traditional football food – Scotland has a great wealth of quality pie, bridie suppliers and the like. Add in some decent healthier options. Get rid of crap like slabs of stodge sold as ‘pizza’. Finally, pay the people at least the living wage, and ensure there are enough people and product to maximise sales.

  47. For those who are on about home made soup I buy mine every home game from a van outside the ground, lovely family,very hygienic and good Celtic fans, at the stadium I agree with most of what has been posted before, disgusting, over priced unhealthy etc .But Celtic fans views are heard and even acted upon if you can provide a solution, I experienced this with the Walfrids’ Wishes guys on away travel allocation. Good luck #HH

  48. Overpriced..bland..dry..tasteless..cold..lack of choice..slow service..a massive financial potential not pulling its weight & Celtic should be looking at this and manipulating it to achieve maximum output & profit….maybe people from the board should do an “undercover mystery shopper” during a game to see the disaster that is imitating catering @CP…HH

  49. I was over 11 pound on sat for steak pie bovril pizza and tea the pizza was in tray used for chips so it was half hanging over edge I said to supervisor collecting cash and asked if he had a box like you used to get and I was told its just the way it is raging man but kept cool as police where looking every week I have a new story about the kiosks chicken balti pies now there’s summit that’s gold dust

  50. My grand-daughter worked 5 shifts at a Franchise catering kiosk at Celtic Park. She was expecting her wages on 28th February 2013. No Wages arrived. She was later Emailed to say the Company had gone bust.
    She is 17 years old and still at School. You can imagine how gutted she felt. They were supposed to be paying £20.00 per shift. The shift was approximatley 5 1/2 hours. Slave Labour or what. They got her for free.

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