Nov 092012

Our New Both Teams To Score Coupons



I myself, like many people, enjoy the occasional bet on the football. Of course, like most folk, my track record is far from perfect. After all, how often do you see a poor bookmaker? Anyway, some people find that having a wee bit of money on a few games on a Saturday afternoon can make things a wee bit more exciting and, with a bit of luck, people do win from time to time.

I’ve decided to set up a small Twitter account suggesting my picks for some “both teams to score” coupons every weekend. At present, I plan to suggest two coupons per weekend, one five match bet, and one more extravagant ten match bet (or something along those lines).

Obviously, I can’t tell you how much to bet or not to bet on any coupon, but I would urge you not to go nuts if you do decide you fancy taking a chance one of my¬†predictions. Personally, I’d leave it to a pound or two for these bets, especially the ten match selection, as the chances of me pulling one out of the fire are just as remote as anyone else doing it.

The account on Twitter can be found @MBBTTS (short for “Maley’s Bhoys Both Teams To Score). Some of you may know that there is already a tips account for Celtic fans already in existence. @TicBet are lovely guys, and I really have no intention of trying to take anything away from them. I’ll be sticking purely to “both teams to score coupons” for now, and if we’re still sitting here at the end of the season without a single winner I might take that as the almighty’s way of telling me to give it a rest!

Anyway, it is entirely up to yourself whether you decide to take on any of these selections, and I should highlight again I am no expert. I’m just doing it for a bit of fun to be honest.

However, if you are interested in a flutter, our first two selection’s can be found below, priced at approximately 10/1 and 250/1 respectively (Sky Bet). Please note all selections are for both teams to score.

Remember, have fun, and gamble responsibly. If you do win, you can always thank me by making a donation (no matter how big or small) to our Motor Neurone Disease Scotland fundraising efforts. I’ll certainly be doing it myself if any coupon wins, even if it is just a pound or two, as it makes a huge difference to people who really need it. We might as well repay a bit of good fortune with a bit of charity considering the Football Club we all support! Hail Hail, and good luck!


Coupon One – This Weekend’s Five Match Flutter


Coupon Two – This Saturday’s Long Shot



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