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Earlier today, Celtic Football Club announced that a minute’s silence will be held prior to this Sunday’s upcoming match with St Johnstone at Celtic Park.

It is well known that some of our fans do not support the Royal British Legion’s annual poppy appeal or the idea of Remembrance Day in the United Kingdom. In a similar vein, some of our supporters do, whilst some of our supporters feel indifference with regards to the issue. This is of course, an individual choice, and neither I nor anyone else should try to tell anyone any different.

As I have said before, people are more than entitled to wear a red poppy should they wish to, wear a white poppy if they prefer, or wear no poppy at all.

However, with regards to Remembrance Day, I’m sure the vast majority of the Celtic support would agree when I say that everyone should be willing to show a reasonable level of respect, regardless of their political viewpoint.

It is well documented that several Celtic players (and ex-Celtic players) have lost their lives in conflict. Undoubtedly, countless fans will have met a similar fate. People from all corners of the world have died in war, and this is no different in Scotland.

I understand that politics can be incredibly divisive, but as we all support a club where anyone, of any faith, colour, creed or political viewpoint is welcome, there are bound to be disagreements. However, regardless of our views, when we pull on a Celtic shirt, or walk through the turnstiles at Celtic Park, we all represent the Football Club we love dearly through our actions.

Regardless of what we do during our lives, two things are certain. We were all born, and we will all die. Most, if not all, of you reading this will have lost someone close to you at some point in your life. In this sense we must all have a respect for the sanctity of life itself.

For this reason, I’d hope that every Celtic supporter attending Sunday’s match will help to maintain the Club and the support’s good reputation, and respect the minute’s silence impeccably. To do otherwise would damage this reputation significantly, and no one wants that to happen, especially as we ride the inevitable high after the mid-week triumph over Barcelona.

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  1. A dignified and thoughtful appeal….respect!

  2. Very well put. Let’s hope that the home support continues to do Celtic proud. On the heels of the Barca victory, our club will be scrutinized like never before. As an overseas fan, I expect that Sunday’s match will be another opportunity to show everyone our true colors and values. Celtic is truly global in scope as never before. Let’s observe the minute’s silence with respect and cheer the Bhoys on to victory.

  3. Hear hear, well said and I agree wholeheartedly.



  4. We all know its a shallow gesture so don’t kid yourselves we know what you are

    • I don’t think observing a minute’s silence for the dead is a shallow gesture. In fact, I think the vast majority of football fans, across Scotland, Europe and the world as a whole would regard it as a mark of respect. And what exactly what that be? What are we?

  5. Our club is open to all. That’s what we are. We accept everyone, unlike some others, who want to tell everyone else what to do, in their arrogance and ignorance.
    Come on all you bhoys in green. Respect this minutes silence, despite our individual takes on it.

    HH and YNWA.

  6. I dont agree with this at all. Whilst i wont break the silence as i believe this is the wrong thing to do, i strongly resent being placed in this situation. This like the whole poppy wearing thing is nothing but dictatorship, and i certainly feel that so many bad things were done by the british army and still are being done by them in Afghanistan. Why do we have to do this surely people can do it in their own environment if they wish instead of this mass enforced situation, i will be quiet but i’ll be extremely angry at the same time.

    • “Strongly resent being placed in this situation”?? I assume you’re a big boy now and would suggest to avoid becoming “very angry” that you either take your seat after the silence or do not attend. After all you have been given sufficient notice. Like you – simples!!!!!

  7. Don’t think there is going to be any issue at all with fans respecting the minutes silence, the issue is with the poppy being displayed on the hoops, not against folk who perished fighting the wars.

  8. Should have mentioned specifically world war 1 of which the silence is being observed for, not the illegal wars that the British forces have been involved in – the poppy by itself is a different matter all together

  9. Silence is for armistice day, end of ww1

    • That’s where it originated from of course, but I think a lot of folk will think of grandparents and stuff etc who were involved in WW2 as well. More than anything I just consider it to be a chance to show respect for people who’ve died in any conflict on all sides, but I guess that’s down to individual interpretation. The old poppy on the Hoops debate is an entirely different issue, but I don’t think it’s there this year is it?

  10. we lost a great player in a man called peter johnstone captain and centre half killed on the somme if anything think of him and his comrades respect the celtic family

    • Donnie McLeod as well, someone involved in the mid 1900’s (1904? 05? Can’t remember off hand). Obviously, there’s also Willie Angus the guy who won a VC for his actions during the war.

  11. True, but the original silence is based on armistice day (11th day, 11th Month etc) and although its significant as well towards ww2 (remembrance day) it doesn’t significantly represent wars that a lot of our support is against, Ireland, Iraq etc, although the silence, depending on the individual they can reflect on whatever war they wish it doesn’t directly go against wars a large percent of our support are against, IMO it’s a reflection on the lives lost during ww1 and 2

  12. we have a celtic supporters club called james stokes v c you cant get any higher than that for gallentry

  13. Celtic fans raised the roof against Barcelona -Respect.
    Celtic fans holding an impeccable one minute silence on Armistice Day -Respect

  14. the only problem i have is we now have to respect current military operations that does not sit well with me. I respect those who gave their lives and those who put their lives on the line in ww1 and ww2.

    Those who died and served in both wars did so in the belief that future generations wouldnt have to… also the poppy facism out there is pretty disrespectful …

    • John, you or anyone else for that matter, are not expected to “respect current military operations” in any way whatsoever.

      Respect those that you mentioned above, and rightly so.

      Leave the rest of it for another forum.

  15. thats right dont post a comment of mine becaus its not what yous like.i have the same rite to speak as anybody else and i just wont support all this,green brigade says no to poppys,pleas will you post this time.

  16. so expect a riot at the silens the day,from the green brigade

  17. traitors to celtics cause you lot

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