Nov 062012

From The Calton To The World, And Back Again

In 125 years,

Lines have become pages,

Pages have formed books,

And  today those books could fill a library.

In 125 years,

Amateurs have become professionals,

The faithful has grown into the millions,

And countless strangers are now the best of friends.

In 125 years,

Our name has become famous,

Our team’s football admired,

And our fan’s conduct renowned.

In 125 years,

Our home has become a fortress,

Young faces have grown old,

And yet the spirit of that first day lives on in us all.


In 125 years,

Injustices have been challenged,

Many offensives repelled,

And yet we have stayed true to ourselves.

In 125 years,

Battles have been won, drawn, and lost,

Anyone has always been welcome,

And our door will always be open.

In 125 years,

Foes have been vanquished,

Silverware has come home,

And a bright future beckons.

In 125 years,

Many have become heroes,

Some men have become Lions,

And a select few have become immortal.

In 125 years,

We’ve always been there for you,

And in 125 years,

You’ve always been there for us.

Happy Birthday Celtic Football Club.

To apply a great man’s sentiments to us all;

“Without you, our lives would be empty indeed.”

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