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N.B. I wrote this months ago, and have never been entirely sure whether it’s worth publishing or not, but here we are regardless. If someone has already covered this then I must offer my apologies.

A Curious Case…

Roughly a week before Rangers Football Club applied to the courts to be placed under the control of administrators, the Daily Record published a story which claimed Craig Whyte, through Rangers and his old associate Aiden Earley, had decided to invest approximately £250,000 into Banstead Atheltic (a club now in the tenth tier of English football).

The “Main Stand” at Banstead’s stadium

This payment was quickly overtaken in the headlines as the Ibrox club went into administration, and had been largely forgotten about until Mark Daly and the BBC aired their second documentary focused on the dealings at Rangers F.C., entitled “The Men Who Sold The Jerseys”.

During the programme, Mark Daly attempts to investigate this issue, but is unsuccessful, eventually stating “we may never know where the money went”.

Now, I am not about to reveal where the £250,000 eventually ended up, as I do not know. However, I have come across a small snippet of information that I don’t think anyone else has published as yet (apologies if I am wrong in this regard). This may be because this information is irrelevant, or because it is just a coincidence, but I felt it was worth highlighting regardless.

Craig Thomas Whyte (owner of Rangers) was born in January 1971, according to some of directorship numbers, and May 1971 according to Wikipedia. However, there is another UK director, also named Craig Whyte, allegedly born in 1957, who has been involved with two companies over the course of his lifetime. The interesting thing is that his registered address is in, you guessed it, Banstead, only a few miles (and less than fifteen minutes drive) from the home of Banstead Athletic F.C.

Now, there are fifteen “Craig Whyte’s” listed as UK directors. However, eleven of these are “our Craig” using differing director numbers. Two more of those remaining are Mr Whyte from Banstead.

You may draw from this what you like. Is there something more to it, or is it, in all likelihood  a simple coincidence? Before anyone speculates, the money wasn’t used to purchase the property at the registered address, although the last time it was sold it was sold for just under £250,000. However, this was around a decade ago, ruling out any involvement with the missing money.

All in all, this is most likely just a bizarre coincidence involving a Craig Whyte with absolutely no ties to “our Craig”.

Anyway, it certainly appears the “Banstead story” makes up only a small part of the bizarre web of business dealings involving Rangers and those individuals in charge of the club for some years. Let’s face it, this wasn’t the only sum of money that went AWOL during Mr Whyte’s tenure. Perhaps one day, we’ll find out exactly where the money went…



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  1. As Harry Hill would say …… . ”What are the chances of that happenin eh ?” . I suppose as far as ”our Craig ” goes anythings possible .Keep up the good work Willie ………………..and ”our Craig”

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