Sep 302012

Here’s What You Could Have Bought

Recently, Duff and Phelps released their final report to the creditors of Rangers Football Club. In amongst several other eye watering amounts, D&P revealed that the total amount HMRC are pursuing Rangers for is £94,426,217.22 (don’t forget the 22p). Now, to put that into context, I calculated that to be the equivalent value of five Tore Andre Flo’s (at £12m each), three Paul Gascoigne’s (at £4.3m each), two Giovanni Van Bronckhorst’s (at £5m each), one Artur Numan (at £4.5m) and still over £7m cash (perhaps for a partridge in a pear tree). For the record, these figures are those Rangers paid when purchasing the players.

Now, let me give you a few examples which I feel highlight the true cost of Rangers’ tax evasion and financial doping.

The highest figure Celtic have ever paid for a player is £6 million for Chris Sutton. With the money Rangers stole from the taxpayer over the years, Celtic could have bought fifteen Chris Sutton’s, and still have had enough left over for a few Henrik Larsson’s.

The highest fee Aberdeen have ever paid for a player is £1m (for Paul Bernard). With the amount of money Rangers saved, Aberdeen could have bought thirty four Paul Bernard’s, and Fernando Torres.

In 1995, Dundee United signed Steven Pressley for £750,000. With an extra £94m, they could have signed Cristiano Ronaldo and nineteen Steven Pressley’s.

In 2006, Hearts paid £850,000 for Mirsad Beslija from Racing Genk. If they’d stolen an equivalent sum of money as Rangers, this could have attracted Kaka as well as several others to Tynecastle (theoretically speaking).

Now, I feel these statistics tell their own stories.

With BDO potentially set to move in the near future, we’ll soon find out whether crime really doesn’t pay.


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