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Ladies and gentlemen, if I could ask two things of you today, I would ask that you take a couple of minutes to fill in the following survey and that, if you do fill it in, you do so honestly. Once I have collated the results, I will send them to Peter Lawwell (Chief Executive) at the Football Club. For the sake of fairness I will not disclose my personal views on the quality of the catering here, as it could affect the results of the survey. However, I will do so in full once it is over.

I am hoping to have at least 1,000 people complete this form, as I feel this will a significant quantity of opinion for the Club to take on board, so once you have completed it, feel free to post the link to your friends or retweet it.

You can take our survey, and have your opinions heard, here:

  11 Responses to “Catering at Celtic Park – A Survey for the Fans”

  1. put it this way i avoid eating from the catering booths/counters at parkhead
    would rather wait till afterwards on way home.

    i’ve sometimes eaten prior arriving to the games.

  2. the prices are terrible at parkhead

  3. I would like a McDonalds franchise at CP. The idea of a Big Mac at half time really appeals. Choice would be limited of course due to logistics but I believe you could utilise the current space available. Thanks for your consideration.

  4. Coke is somewhat flat and can be warmish or not cold enough. Prices are a tad expensive. Steak pies are no too bad but can be a bit dried up. Staff can be very slow and not too efficient. D give it 6 out of 10

  5. Food outlets are shocking at Celtic Park. I will not pay for burnt stodgy food. Improve Celtic or lose much business. Prices are terrible too. Would sell much more produce if it was better quality and cheaper.

  6. The food at CP is seriously over priced and rotten, it really needs a new approach and quick!!!!


  7. Catering a Parkhead is a joke,when you go for pies they are either not ready or have run out! No invention or ideas,bland, overpriced and crap….try something new!!

  8. The catering at the food outlets at celtic park are diabolical, overpriced, unhealthy with little options. I usually bring food from Greggs or from home. Get rid of McDonalds…. overpriced junk food and let small caterers in to create some competition with healthier alternatives.

  9. I would like a Mcdonalds/KFC at CP. The quality of the food it’s self is not too bad but could be doing with more variety and there should be a big review on the prices. I could deliver my homemade individual steak pies to CP they are great. Maybe a choice of some healthy food as well tubs of pasta or sandwiches.etc.

  10. Also do a great variety of homemade pasta and different kinds of rolls and sandwiches more options on drinks too they are terrible. also not enough places to sit your drink down while you eat should maybe consider more round the wall shelving too.

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