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Support A Worthy Charity and Own A Piece of History


As many of you will be aware, at Maley’s Bhoys, we aim to support one charitable cause every season to the fullest of our abilities. During 2012-13, we are raising money for Motor Neurone Disease Scotland (MNDS), and have already gathered £170 for the charity through a couple of auctions. The donation will be made in full at the end of May in one lump sum.

I can now present you all with our main charitable scheme for this season. I was determined to find a way for people who could not, for example, afford to bid on our auctions, to get involved should they wish to do so.

This season, we will be accepting monetary donations as usual. However, after almost endless hours of work behind the scenes on my part, you will be able to receive something special as part of your donation.

I have assembled a collection of between four and five thousand Celtic images, and for a recommended donation of £10 each, I will be more than happy to post a copy of this CD-Rom to anyone who wants one. We are also looking into making these files available for download (and we’ll have more information on this within the coming week). All of these images are freely available online, spread throughout thousands of web pages, but this provides you all with an opportunity to have them all in one, easy to access place. You can copy them to your computer and keep them for future generations to enjoy. Many more sample images can be found at the bottom of the article.

Scrolling through the images, you will find pictures from the earliest days of the Football Club, up to the modern day. There is an almost endless stream of potential desktop wallpapers and profile pictures on these discs for you to enjoy and use, and most people will not have seen many of these images before. This is a trip down memory lane like no other, and I have no doubt avid fans of Celtic could sit for hours and hours looking through the contents of the disc, in a slideshow format, trying to remember the names of players they saw as a child, or trying to work out which stadium a photograph was taken at.

You will find newspaper cuttings, professional photographs, pictures taken by “average” fans, as well as programme covers, old tickets, books and collectable cards. This is, in my mind, a truly great collection to own, and one that you will be able to add to should you wish to do so.

Over the next week, I will be looking for two things from anyone who is interested:

1. For people to send in their favourite pictures of modern Celtic players and fans, as well as any personal pictures they would like to feature on the disc. You can do this by email, or via Twitter or our website.

2. For people who are interested in donating to our MNDS appeal, and receiving a disc, to email me to register their interest, at – once again you can do this on Twitter should you desire to do so.

At present, I estimate that (providing you live in the UK), a £10 donation will be split approximately £8 for MNDS, and £2 for P&P and disc costs. I will be able to provide a more accurate figure in a week or two, as the prices of discs etc is dependent on demand (i.e. If I only need to buy ten, they will cost more per unit. However, if for example I need to buy a few hundred, they will cost less per unit etc).

I will begin to post out discs in a week’s time, on Monday. This initial week is to allow me to gauge demand and to begin to burn copies of the disc once people have sent in their favourite images which may not already be featured.

People are, of course, more than welcome to donate more than the recommended donation should they wish to do so, or donate more and ask for more discs in accordance. Above everything else, this is an opportunity for us all to help an incredibly worthy cause, and help people who suffer from this disease.


For legal reasons, I should highlight:

- All of these images are freely available at present on the Internet. No images are stolen.

- Anyone could assemble this collection for free, online, themselves should they wish to spend many hours doing so.

- I am not selling these images themselves, and I do not stand to profit in any way from the production of these discs. All of the money will go to MNDS, and to cover the postage and disc costs to the various individuals who donate.

- Should people wish to add the cost of postage on top of, for example, a £10 donation, they are more than welcome to do this (i.e. £12 instead of £10, with £10 going to MNDS and £2 to costs).


We are all aware of the fact that money is tight at the moment, and has been for some time for many people, and I would again highlight that I do not want to take money from people who simply cannot afford it.

Finally, I cannot thank you all enough for your truly incredible support of our charitable efforts. This is what makes the Celtic support so special. I must also thank the users and administrators of several prominent websites (for example those at Kerrydale Street, Celtic Minded and the Celtic Wiki) for helping to make these images available online by uploading them in the first place. They are truly incredible resources for fans of the Football Club, and I would urge you all to check them out if you haven’t already.

A selection of the type of images you can find on the disc can be found below:

  6 Responses to “The Charitable Soul of the Celtic Support – Another Season, Another Chapter”

  1. Would be really interested at least 3 of the discs. Great idea for Christmas presents. Good Luck with the venture. HH

  2. Always pleased to help worthy causes. You can e-mail at HH. John Colins.

  3. I’ll be in touch over the next few days mate, thank you :)

  4. Count me in too for one, great idea and great cause

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