Jul 312012
Why All The Punishment?


I urge you all to just listen, and to read the entirety of this short piece.

Quite simply, Scottish Football will die without Rangers.

Unless they are spared from the depths of the Third Division, all is lost.

In fact, their demise has put our beloved Celtic at risk.

Dare we cut off our nose to spite our face?

All in all, have we made a grievous error of judgement?

The answer, in my mind, may well be yes.

In fact, an argument can be made that Rangers should never have been punished at all.

Of course, they have sinned, but have we all forgotten how to forgive?

No, I don’t believe so.


Like everyone of us does at some stage in their lives, Rangers simply made a mistake.

It wasn’t even that big a mistake, they still won their football matches out on the field, not in the boardroom.

Questions have been asked, and those questions have now been answered by the Ibrox club.

Understandably, people want justice, but what “justice” would really help our national game?

In my mind, justice would have been a points deduction.

Deduct them twenty points this season, and move on.

Allow them to stay in the Scottish Premier League.

That’s where they belong.

If we’re all truly honest with ourselves that is.

Of course, honesty is a difficult thing for many people.

Not that it should be.


Non-Rangers fans that see the game needs a strong Rangers do exist!

And I am one of them.

Non-Rangers fans that want to see Rangers allowed back into the top flight do exist!

And I am one of them.

Non-Rangers fans that want to see the return of the glorious “Old Firm Derby” do exist!

And I am one of them.

Now, I would ask you all, as fans of all clubs, to do one thing for me!

And read the first letter of every sentence.

Non-Rangers fans that love a wee laugh also exist!

And I am one of them.

Liquidation Liquidation Na Na Na Na Na!


Oh, and “Why All The Punishment?”

Hate to say, but I really meant “We’re Away To Peterhead”.

What's a bear to do?

  7 Responses to “Why Rangers Simply Must Be Saved”

  1. HAHA naughty !! :)

  2. LOL. For one dreadful moment, I was beginning to think the poster was serious.
    Nice one!

  3. Lol brilliant

  4. Very good. With your permission, I’ll print your piece for the benefit of my uneducated work colleagues.

  5. Excellent post. Had a few of us worried,there.

  6. Very clever! Lol!

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