Jul 222012

Last season, we ran a small predictor league that was open to anyone and it was remarkably competitive, with the eventual winner taking his prize of dinner for two at Celtic Park’s “Number 7″ restaurant.

This year, we will be running the league once again. However, there will be more prizes on offer, and therefore more to play for. It did trouble me a little last year that there were no prizes for runners up, but this, thankfully, will change this season.

Our prizes for this season’s league are:

1st Place – £100 in vouchers to spend in an official Celtic store  (or the online store should you live abroad)

2nd Place – A brick with a message of your choosing to be installed on the exterior of Celtic Park.

3rd Place – A family tour ticket for Celtic Park (2 adults + 2 children, or 1 adult + 3 children)


There will also be a raffle (with a small prize) into which all of the regular contributors to the predictor league (i.e. ten or more submissions over the course of the entire season) will be placed. This raffle will not include the league winner, or those in second or third place, as they will have already won a prize.


The league will operate as follows, and these shall be the rules (with one or two minor amendments from last season) :

– You may take part in the predictor league whenever you want.

– You can join at any stage of the season.

– Every participant will be welcome to submit a prediction for the correct scoreline, and for the first CELTIC goalscorer (last season it was the first goalscorer from either team) for every competitive Celtic match (i.e. SPL, Scottish Cup, League Cup, Champions League, Europa League).

– Predicting the correct score will give you two points.

– Predicting the first CELTIC goalscorer correctly will give you one point.

– Predicting both of these together, or correctly predicting a 0-0 draw will give you three points.

– You may predict an own goal to be the source of the first Celtic goal, but you do not need to select the player who will score it.

– Predicitions may be made in EITHER the individual match thread (e.g Celtic v Aberdeen) or in the predictor league sticky thread.

– After every game, I will update a league table, and points will accumulate from the first competitive match of the season until the last. The prizes will then be awarded to the appropriate people.

– “Stonker”, last year’s winner, will defend his title.

– If anyone has any questions or feel their scores have been tallied up incorrectly please do not hesitate to contact me.


So please take part yourself, and feel free to tell your family and friends about our free league. If more and more people get involved, then it will not only make the season more enjoyable for us all, it will help the website and it’s community continue to grow and develop over time.

The sticky thread on the forum for our league can be found here: http://maleysbhoys.com/forum-2/maleys-chat-group1/celtic-and-football-chat-forum1/celtic-score-predictor-league-2012-13-new-season-thread91/

Thank you for your support.



  3 Responses to “The Return of the Score Predictor League”

  1. Glad to have the league back :) looking forward to bettering last years place ;)

  2. Looking forward to playing it.

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