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In the last half hour, it has become public knowledge that Sevco Scotland Ltd (also known as “Newco Rangers”) have accepted the one year transfer embargo as a punishment for the “oldco Rangers” bringing the game into disrepute.

Now, if you only read that paragraph, you may well find yourself thinking “fair enough…it’s only fair, and they’ll likely suffer badly this year because of this sanction”.

However, I urge you to read on because sadly all is not as it seems (please note that since this article was written, the BBC has stated that the SFA, SPL, SFL, Rangers and Sevco must all agree to this, not just the SFA, before it is passed officially).

You would be forgiven for thinking that any transfer embargo would begin as soon as it was handed down to the relevant club. However, this is clearly not the case in Scotland. The SFA have stated that the embargo will begin on the 1st September 2012, and end on the 31st August 2013. This means that Sevco will now be able to sign players for the coming season over the next five weeks or so. Next summer, they may will be able to sign players after the 31st of August when the ban ends. However, the 31st is a Saturday. This could mean that the window will still be open on the following Monday, the 2nd of September, meaning Sevco would be able to sign players for the coming 2013-2014 season.

In essence, the Scottish Football Association has only given Sevco a one month transfer ban, meaning they cannot sign any players in January.

Now, whether or not Sevco should be punished for the sins of the oldco (as they are a different club) is debatable. However, what is not debatable is that the SFA have been very, very kind to Sevco with regards to this embargo. Personally, I think they should be punished, as it would discourage any other team from operating high risk (if not illegal) financial strategies in the future. A twelve month ban should mean a twelve month ban; not a five week head start, followed by one month ban, followed by a short time next summer in which to attempt to squeeze in transfers.

We should all remember the “oldco” took the SFA to a Civil Court over the initial decision to hand down a twelve month transfer embargo. Ironically, Rangers won this case,  as the judge found that it wasn’t an applicable punishment for the crime of “bringing the game into disrepute”. The Court then declared that the SFA’s appellate tribunal must meet again to hand the club a new punishment. The only applicable punishments were found to be a Scottish Cup ban, the withdrawal of the club’s licence or expulsion from the game altogether.

This tribunal never met again. Neither Rangers nor Sevco ever mentioned it again (because they realised it would be shooting themselves in the foot), and now we are seeing the results…a watered down, weak attempt at justice.

The ban should start when Sevco are officially granted a licence, and end one year later. No “if’s”, no “but’s”. At least if the SFA had done this no one could have accused them of being foolish (or even biased in certain quarters).

Once again, our national game is being embarrassed by those with significant positions in the corridors of power.


  6 Responses to “Scotland’s Football Association Fails Yet Again”

  1. Nailed It.
    They agreed a 12 month ban with exceptions, the exceptions being the ban runs when transfers are in the main, closed.
    Same faces in same places at Hampden H.Q. only means Oldco/Newco/Sevco, are really no longer the issue.
    Excellent piece of which their can be no dispute. Bravo Sir.

  2. How long will this fool Regan be allowed to cling on to his job. The man is as corrupt as dead rangers and appears to be hell bent on doing back-room deals to help them. They must have studied the calendar long and hard to come up with a twelve month period that has the least effect on sevco. They probably even congratulated each other for bending the rules while shafting the ‘Sporting Integrity’ crowd once again.
    This disaster of a man must be booted out before he presses the ‘self-destruct’ button for the whole of Scottish football.

  3. I hope someone is logging all this corruption with UEFA. Even though they are in the fourth tier of Scottish football the SFA cannot help themselves not helping Sevco out. The game in Scotland is finished unless we rid ourselves of all these cheating bastards. Where are Celtic in all of this? Are they compliant? We have a member on the SFA board, what is he saying about it? If I hadn’t already renewed my season book I would be having second thoughts.Really really sick of Scotland and the sectarian agenda that it promotes.

    • Personally I don’t think Celtic are compliant, if anything I think everyone at Celtic is rather enjoying this whole scenario.

      I think there remains the wariness within the walls of Celtic Park about how anything they did say about the situation could (and potentially would) be twisted by certain media sources. In light of all the stuff Lennon has gone through of late, I wonder if they’ve made the decision to keep their heads down with regards to the whole issue.

      As for the governing bodies, how some of the figureheads still hold their jobs is beyond me…Ogilvie should have gone long, long ago considering he not only knew about the EBT scheme, but had an EBT himself, and Doncaster and Regan certainly haven’t portrayed themselves well of late with the whole “secret emails” and SPL2 revelations.

      I guess we can only wait and see what happens…

  4. I Hope we can trust the SFL to do the dirty work of the SFA again in not accepting this as it hands an unfair advantage to one of its member teams. The integrity of the vast majority of the Club Chairmen of the SFL should come to the fore now and a concerted effort from them would surely spell the end for Mr Reagan and his cohorts within the corridors of power at the SFA. The actions of the SFA during this whole messy period is nothing short of disgraceful if not downright Illegal at times.

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