Jul 202012

CURRENT BID: £125 (thirteen bids so far)


As we have publicised, this season we will be supporting “Motor Neurone Disease Scotland” to the fullest of our abilities (http://maleysbhoys.com/2012/07/03/maleys-bhoys-support-motor-neurone-disease-scotland/). On the back of successful campaigns raising money for the “Good Child Foundation” and the “Kano Foundation”, we hope that we can continue this success into the coming season.

Over the course of the year, there will be many ways you can all help us to raise money (should you wish to, and should you be financially able to do so – I appreciate money continues to be tight), and our first fundraising effort will be an auction.

We are auctioning off a match worn Celtic jersey, worn by Paul Telfer during Celtic’s pre-season friendly draw with New England Revolution in July 2006. It is one of the few Hoops jerseys to feature a “Coors Light” sponsor as the match was held in the United States of America. It has “Telfer 2″ on the back and is in great condition. It can be seen on the match day below:

You are bidding on the top worn by Paul Telfer in this photograph

It was kindly donated to us by the owner of the “SJ Carpet Centre”, a business that can be found at the St James Retail Park, in the Hairmyres area of East Kilbride. The individual who owns the shop has spent years following Celtic all around the world, and was given this as a present on the American Tour by someone within the club.

The jersey itself can be seen below:


The auction itself begins now, and will end at 9pm Celtic Park time, next Friday night (27th July 2012).

From now until then, you will be able to bid, should you wish to do so, in a variety of ways. You can either do this by leaving a comment on this article, contacting us on Facebook or Twitter, or by emailing me at “maleysbhoysenquiries@hotmail.co.uk”. Any winning bidder could then pay for the item through Paypal.

The eventual winner will also be asked to pay for the postage costs involved, so that all of the money bid for the item can go into our fund for Motor Neurone Disease Scotland. All of the money donated will be gathered together by myself and donated at the end of the season in one lump sum.

Understandably, as the vast majority of you will not have met me, you may have concerns about this. However, the following link is a story from STV about where the money donated last year went, so I can assure you every penny will go  to the charity: http://local.stv.tv/glasgow/23124-young-celtic-fans-given-a-commons-christmas-surprise/

If anyone did have any remaining worries they are more than welcome to contact either the Kano Founation or The Good Child Foundation and they will confirm what I have said.

In summary, I wish all potential bidders the best of luck, and would like to remind you all there will be more (and cheaper) ways to get involved coming up over the course of the season.


Thank you,

Hail Hail,


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  1. Hi there I’ll start the ball rolling £20.00.. good luck..

  2. Thanks Frank, nice to meet you! ;)

    Top is excellent, a great cause too!



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