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Undoubtedly, Celtic Football Club is known by football supporters throughout the world. I’m sure many of you reading this will have found yourself, at some stage, on holiday somewhere and, whilst wearing a Celtic top, someone has come up to you and commented on it, given you a thumbs up, or even shouted “Celtic! Hail Hail!”

Largely, I like to think Celtic and it’s supporters are rather well thought of. After all, there is a list of clubs (and their supporters) whom we have very positive relationships with; just look at the fans of Villarreal, they actually set up a Celtic Supporters Club after Celtic faced them some years ago, and now many of them travel over several times a season to attend matches.

Over the years, for one reason or another, certain media outlets in this country have been guilty of reporting stories (regarding Celtic Football Club, it’s players or it’s fans) which have turned out to be wholly false and, as ever, the apologies or retractions never take up as much column space as the original stories themselves.

This does not only happen in Scotland. In one way or another, Celtic often attract publicity in other parts of the world. Thankfully, the vast majority of it is positive. However, this is not always the case; things can be “lost in translation” and reported wrongly, or opinions can go unchecked and thus be printed as fact. This has likely been the case in the article you can see above, posted on today’s “Marca” website.

For those of you who may not know, “Marca” is a huge daily newspaper in Spain which, while officially being a sports newspaper, focuses massively on football. With approximately three million Spaniards reading “Marca” everyday (according to Wikipedia), it’s never nice to see them report such arrant nonsense.

In saying that, everyone needs to realise that certain Spanish sports media operate using an even looser basis of truth (incredibly) than some of our equivalent outlets. For example, transfer rumours with no substance can be printed, and this can be fairly harmless. However, when something such as the article above is published, it can be harmful to the reputation of a club.

I’m sure he has received threats during his career, and this is both deplorable and unacceptable, regardless of where they come from. However, I do not believe he receives these from genuine Celtic fans on a daily basis, and that either he, or “Marca” have exaggerated this.

Celtic supporters, while they do not like Nacho Novo, do not go about they’re daily business wishing for his death, let alone the deaths of his family. Also, Celtic are not, and do not claim to be, a “Catholic Club”. Celtic Football Club has always been, from it’s very earliest days, open to all. The old Rangers on the other hand, the club Novo loves so dearly, had a policy of “no Catholic players allowed” for around a century. They never fielded a player from the Republic of Ireland either, something every other professional team in the United Kingdom has done at some point. Ah well, they were, as Mr Novo says, a “team with values”.

In saying all of this, your average Celtic supporter will also not care much for the thoughts of Novo. Personally, neither do I. You only need to look at his tweets or some of the things he hints at in this article to realise that he is a very bitter man. I do, however, care about the blatantly false opinions printed as fact in the Spanish media.

Perhaps if “Marca” looked into Mr Novo’s racist tweet of late, which said “Why uz no go home ya fb still have more history than uz PAEDOS hahahahaha WATP”, his opinions wouldn’t be so readily taken as truth.

Oh, and whist I remember, tattoos are for life Mr Novo. Perhaps you’ll begin to regret that when people look at yours in the future and ask, “Rangers? Who are they?”


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  1. Celtic is not catholic at all?

    I did not know we were supposed to be anyway, considering we have always signed players, had managers and backroom staff etc of all different faiths, so , of course we are not catholic

    We sign any religion son

    Adios bawbag and enjoy Cowdenbeath pmsl

  2. Is that last photograph Neil Doncaster or is it Stuart Regan taking the oath of Masonic allegiance before taking up their roll as SPL and SFA respectively? By the look of the tattoo it could be any one of the SFA board including Campbell Ogilvie.

    As for you Novo:
    Pudrete en el infierno. Tu eres mas feo que el culo de un mono. . . el burro sabe mas que tu. . .muerto sin vida rangers . . .ha, ha, ha,.

  3. Shady events? Anyone care to extrapolate??

  4. absolutly outrageous coments from this man his tweet alone is what you would expect from the lowest form of human

  5. A team with values and respect ? PMSL

    As we speak their CEO is on his way to see UEFA to find a way of not paying the due transfer fees due to numerous clubs

    For example, Bought Jellydik and still have not paid the transfer fee in full but when they sold him kept the full transfer fee to themselves , plus, they still owe Hearts money for wallace and if they sell him i am in no doubt they will keep the money they receive for him to themselves and not offer any to Hearts

    Now thats, dignity, fair play and respect for you eh?


  6. He arrived as a young Spanish kid, and left a bigot. Says it all re: Rangers FC and what they “STOOD” for…Good blog sir !!

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