Jul 142012

 My Thanks To Each And Every One Of You

As some of you may have seen me mention on Twitter earlier, Maley’s Bhoys is eighteen months old today. I feel we have come a long way since the website’s birth in January 2011, and this would not have been possible without the support of so many good people, the majority of whom I have never been fortunate enough to meet.

On the field, we have witnessed Neil Lennon’s Celtic continue to grow and develop, winning one Scottish Cup and one Scottish Premier League title, as well as coming close to picking up several other honours. We’ve seen the highs and the lows; incredible comebacks, late winners, and painful defeats.

Off the field, as an online community, we have raised a total of approximately £1500 for good and charitable causes. This money helped pay for building work at the Good Child Foundation in Thailand, and latterly for the Kano Foundation’s first Christmas party (with gifts provided by the Celtic support and by the club itself). We also felt privileged to have the opportunity to send a young family group for a well deserved title party at Celtic Park, after they had sadly been the victims of pathetic racial abuse outside Hampden Park before and after this season’s Scottish Cup Semi Final clash with Hearts. In summary, we hope to continue this trend with our fundraising efforts this season, as we attempt to raise at least £1,000 for Motor Neurone Disease Scotland (more information on these efforts will be publicised in time).

As for Maley’s Bhoys itself, we have come from a basic ProBoards forum to our new, much more expansive WordPress website. A little over eighteen months ago, I had never logged onto Twitter, and yet now we have over five thousand followers there, with the same number again on Facebook. Also, earlier this year, after we gathered 1888 signatures on a petition calling for the club to commission some form of memorial to Willie Maley at Celtic Park, I was delighted to be invited to meet with Peter Lawwell to discuss the matter in person.

There are too many people who deserve my gratitude for me pay thanks to everyone individually, but I do feel I must commend the efforts of a few special people for their help in the past year and a half.


– Gillian Lindsay, and everyone else at the Kano Foundation (not only for the sterling work they do with thousands of deserving children, but also for their continuing friendship and support).

– William Brown, Web Developer (for his tremendous efforts in constructing our new website, something I would never have been able to do myself)

– The Celtic Wiki (whom I firmly believe provide one of the greatest resources the Celtic support has ever had)

– Those at the Over and Over (OAO) and the Beyond the Waves (BTW) Radio Shows (for allowing this young upstart on their programmes, and for making me feel incredibly welcome in doing so)

– Total Celtic (the Twitter account who were kind enough to help us get off the ground in our very earliest days)

– Celtic Football Club (for their help with our charitable efforts and for their correspondence with regards to our petition for a memorial to Willie Maley at Celtic Park, which resulted in a meeting with Chief Executive Peter Lawwell)


I also feel I should thank my friends and family for putting up with me and the time the running of the website takes, as well as those individuals (who know who they are) who have been with us from the very start. Every user of our website is incredibly valuable to me, but I must admit those long term users hold a special place in my heart.

In summary, the kindness and openness of the Celtic fanbase never fails to amaze me, and I for one hope that Maley’s Bhoys will continue to form our own small part of that support for many years to come.


Hail Hail,


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