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It was announced this afternoon that the clubs of the Scottish Football League voted against the potential plan to see Sevco begin their footballing life in Division One (SFL 1), with twenty five out of thirty clubs voting “no”. The clubs then voted that Sevco should be allowed into Division Three (SFL 3), with twenty nine out of thirty clubs voting in favour of this. However, the fact that Sevco do not have several key requirements for this admission (i.e. three years audited accounts, no SFA licence, very few players etc) may yet turn out to be an issue for the new club.

Now, there is a Scottish Premier League meeting scheduled for Monday, with the official reason being given as discussions (leading to a decision) regarding the future of Dunfermline and Dundee. However, with plans for a breakaway SPL 2 (with Sevco being given an invite) being mooted, many people have had their suspicions about this.

Rangers released a statement after today’s meeting on their website, about the future of Sevco, and it can be seen below:

The original statement

The final paragraph reads: “It is now understood that on the back of a briefing SPL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster and SFA counterpart Stewart Regan gave to clubs last week that the SPL will introduce a plan for SPL 2 – which would include Rangers – and invite existing Division One members to join.”

However, within minutes this last paragraph was removed, and the statement now features no reference to SPL 2. However, several people picked up on this story before the statement was edited, both in the mainstream media and the online media, and I must thank all of those who sent me a copy of a screenshot they had grabbed.

This blunder shows a clear intent within the corridors of power in this country. They genuinely that believe money is more important than the sport itself, and this mantra both puzzles and angers the vast majority of Scottish Football supporters.

With the start of the new season just a fortnight away, things may be about to get very messy indeed. Mr Regan, Mr Doncaster, Mr Ogilvie et al must resign from their posts, and the governing bodies which control Scottish Football must be stripped down and built back up again.

Sadly, this whole sordid affair isn’t over…and it wouldn’t surprise me if things get worse before they get better.

UPDATE: In the last few moments, Rangers have edited their statement again. You can see the third version of this statement below:

The third version of the statement...

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  1. Incredible. This has been a total and absolute embarassment for the powers of Scottish football.

    Without the fans and integrity of most SFL clubs, all rules would have been bent to keep newco “Rangers” at the top.

    They are now bottomfeeders and should stay there. In fact, they should be privileged to have been accepted into the SFL as a new club over other clubs.

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