Jun 282012

“The Pen is Mightier than the Sword”

Below is an open letter which I have written, addressed to four prominent individuals within the governing bodies of Scottish Football. I urge you all to do something which many people do not do very often nowadays, and send a simple letter. While those in the corridors of power can easily ignore thousands of emails or large scale petitions, letters, and their physical form, are harder to ignore. This is not just for Celtic fans, although this is a Celtic website. It is much, much more important than one club. This is about Scottish Football, and it’s future.

I ask you simply to buy an envelope, address it to “The Scottish Football Association, Sixth Floor, Hampden Park, Glasgow, G42 9AY”, put this open letter inside it, signed by yourself at the bottom, and post it off. If not, write your own letter. This is not about the things which divide us club to club, this is about the future of the game we all love.

All you would need to do is copy it into a word processor such as “Microsoft Word” and print it off. For the cost of a stamp and an envelope, have your voices heard. Print off copies for friends and relatives you may know too who may not have access to the internet. We may achieve nothing, but every letter will help.


Letter Begins Below:


Dear Mr S. Regan (SFA), Mr C. Ogilvie (SFA), Mr N. Doncaster (SPL), and Mr J. Ballantyne (SFL),

I write to you not as a supporter of one football club, but as a supporter of Scottish Football.

From our earliest days as children, we are taught how the most fundamental aspects of any sport are fairness and integrity. At present, I, and thousands like me, feel that your plans to allow a “Rangers NewCo” entry into the second tier of Scottish Football (whether this is in Division One of the SFL, or in a new SPL Two) directly contradicts these critical foundations on which sport itself is built.

In 2009, Livingston were rendered insolvent and were on the verge of liquidation, before being saved at the last minute. They were demoted to Division Three as they were deemed to have breached rules regarding insolvency. While Rangers Football Club PLC (1872) have yet to be officially liquidated, a newco is in the process of being set up, and you simply must treat them in the same manner as you would treat any other club. Any move to allow a club into a league other than the lowest division would be totally unprecedented in the Scottish game.

You cannot treat clubs differently dependent on who they are and expect to retain the respect of your average football fan. If you allow a newco Rangers into any league higher than the Third Division of the Scottish Football League, you will have been seen to show favouritism, and this, rather than the death of Rangers, will be what seriously damages the future of our country’s national game.

There are forty one teams in the professional leagues in Scotland other than Rangers, and you cannot be seen to put the future of one club before the future of the rest.

I urge you not to take any reckless decisions which will damage the future of the game in Scotland.

If you do allow a newco back into an upper league, you will forever be remembered as the men who ruined Scottish Football, and you will see the inevitable negative effects of your actions, as attendances plummet, protests gather pace, and our national game becomes a worldwide laughing stock.

Please, do the right thing.



A Scottish Football Fan

  22 Responses to “Scottish Football Fans…Your Time is Now”

  1. Handy if you included addresses.

  2. Please do not finish off the game in scotland thank you.

  3. Great letter . About time somebody stood up for Scottish football .all the best with it

  4. Nice 1 Willie and consider it done

    Like i have stated previously and it will be a sad day if it happens , i and many others are finished with football in this country

    They just dont get the fact ( or do they ) that if they let a newco into the first division or similar it is the beginning of the end of football in this country

  5. Brilliant work Willie. I will get several of these written and printed out and will get friends and relatives busy in sending them in. If the SFA become flooded with them they may need to do something they haven’t done up until now . . .think seriously about their actions!

  6. I hope they don’t listen if it means people who obviously have no interest in preserving Scottish football because they are driven by hate (i.e. you) stop going to games and poisoning our country. That’s a result. Why is Parkhead so quiet on the subject? Maybe because they know the consequences of losing the world’s most successful club?

    • With respect, how can you possibly talk about “preserving Scottish Football”? The financial doping (which was both illegal and intentional) that went on at Rangers (1872) for over a decade seriously harmed Scottish Football.

      Personally, I also don’t feel I, or anyone on this website, “poisons this country”. We’ve participated in extensive charitable efforts, promoted openness from day one, and simply do not accept bigotry of any form (be it racist, sectarian, sexist, homophobic etc) here, so please don’t accuse me of such nonsense.

      This issue goes far beyond Celtic, Rangers, or any other individual club. Whilst the situation is complex, the fundamental issues are simple:

      – When a club liquidates, that club is confined to the history books, and should have to start at the bottom again, just as any other club would.
      – Rangers FC (1872) will liquidate when BDO take over control officially from D&P. For this reason, I believe you should have to start at the bottom again like anyone else would have to. No preferential treatment, no parachuting into a higher league. Nothing.
      – Regardless of the financial impact, the game is this country has to be fair, otherwise there is no point. If any club (Celtic, Rangers or anyone else) liquidates, they should have to face the same punishment. Simple.

      And the world’s most successful club? I didn’t know Real Madrid were going to be disappearing any time soon. If you seriously believe 54 Scottish League titles and one cup winners cup is more successful than 9 European Cups/Champions Leagues, 2 UEFA Cups, 32 La Liga Titles and 18 Copa Del Reys then you clearly don’t know much about football.

      Thanks again for the comments though, you’re more than welcome “Jock”.

      • When your “most successful club” in the world, rightly, has 7 titles stripped for CHEATING, and given to the club who didn’t CHEAT, that will put the worlds most successful CHEATS, (sorry club) on 47 titles and the best club (CELTIC) ever on 50 titles. That means your scabby 5 stars will be gone and we will have 6 stars on our crest. Ya moron

      • Well said willie… Best team in the world my arse!! One thing about all this, is the fact that I never knew how big a comedians they were.. I’ve not laughed so much at these morons who dont even have the decency to apologise to the world and Scotland for being Scotlands shame!! Hang your heads in shame at what you lot have done to the integrity of the Beautiful Game!! HH

    • Love the way these fans of the Former Rangers FC love to spout on about “worlds most successful club” when let’s face it, it’s hardly a competitive league, where two teams between them have won the title 97 times out of a possible 122.

      And who spent the last 10yrs at least of that, cheating it’s way to success. And even from the grave wants to continue the cheating and bullying it has become such an accustom to.

    • Joke,
      Celtic FC are keeping quiet re the SPL/SFL debacle for a couple of reasons, one being that if they make any kind of statement the local media will have the excuse it’s been waiting for to turn it’s attention away from Rangers and focus the debate on Celtic.
      The other is simpler. Should the SPL implode, then they can dance away and make an application to another league, any other league, with a clear conscience ( I can explain “Clear Conscience” if you require).

  7. The only club in this country that’s made sure Scottish Football is finished is Sevco 5088.

    This vile club has cheated every club in Scotland and this vile club has cheated every creditor for what, success.

    This vile club is a sham and it has lost all dignity as is Neil Doncaster and Stewart Regan, well done for killing the game in this country.

  8. Jock you forgot to mention 1 thing in your post buddy do you know what it can be ?

  9. Jock has left the building.

  10. Great letter, printed and posted, hope 1000’s more do as well, as you say, they can ignore Emails, yet when scores and scores of letters fall through door, each and every one will HAVE to be opened. Great job :-)

    p.s An excellent retort to “Jock”


  11. Done – and I have added the name David Longmuir to the top of mine! Thanks for doing this! Hail! Hail!

    • Good to hear! And no need to thank me, this whole thing is much bigger than one man :)

      • That is the case Willie, it is bigger than all of us BUT most of us intend to sit down and write a letter of protest and for whatever reason just don’t get round to it. So when someone like you takes the time and we copy and paste it = job done = more voices heard!!!!

        so again I will say thank you!

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