Jun 122012
“The Biggest Extinction Since that of the Dinosaurs”

Rangers Football Club were born in 1872, and have now died in 2012. Rather like Twitter, where users are limited to one hundred and forty characters per tweet, Rangers have been limited to one hundred and forty years in existence, largely due to the decisions of those in charge of the club in the past twenty years. Rangers Football Club are now dead. Whilst some of their supporters and some media outlets were still talking about potential new signings and magical loopholes, the BBC, to their immense credit, were seeking confirmation of something vital.

They have now published the fact that Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will vote against any company voluntary agreement (CVA) proposal put forward by Rangers F.C., whom they currently owe £21,376,767. This figure excludes the potential £50 million extra they may owe the tax man with the result of the First Tier Tax Tribunal (also known as the “Big Tax Case”).

This, my friends, is the proverbial wooden stake being driven into the heart of the vampire. For the CVA to be successful, Rangers need more than 75% of the creditors (value wise) to vote for a CVA otherwise it will be rejected. HMRC hold more than 25% and thus, no CVA can be accepted.

This has been the plan all along. Liquidation has been the plan all along, and now, we’re going to see it.

However, while I’m sure many people across the globe will celebrate the demise of Rangers F.C., this may be only the beginning of another battle. For the sake of sporting integrity and fairness, no “Newco” Rangers can be allowed to be parachuted into the SPL. If a “Newco” is formed, regardless of what some “people” may try to tell you, it is not, and will never be, the old Rangers. With the liquidation of the old company ends the history of the original Rangers, and it will never be extended. It may be rewritten, with titles and trophies being stripped, but it will never grow a single day longer.

A Scottish footballing giant has taken it’s final breath, and it is now extinct.

However, I for one, will not shed a tear.

For all of those times you’ve cheated Scottish Football, for all of those times you’ve sang your songs of hatred and division, for all of those racist slurs and displays of violence, for all of those dodgy penalties and honest mistakes, for all of those years of “no Catholics allowed”, for all of those years of tax evasion, for all of those creditors you treated with such disdain, and for all of those years of “We Are the People” – that is what you will be remembered for.

Well, you were “the people”. Now, you are simply a person, just like everyone else on our little planet, and you’ll have to get used to that fact.

Rest In Peace Rangers Football Club (1872) – You won’t be missed.

  2 Responses to “Requiescat In Pace, Rangers Football Club (1872)”

  1. 9 pence in the pound ? PMSL

    Could not have happened to a more deserving race of peepil

    Cant describe how happy i am , delighted, over the moon, ecstatic, rolling about the floor with laughter etc etc only just begins to describe how i feel


  2. Well if you cheat and lie your way to a 9 in a row but not the big cup,you deserve every thing that has come crashing round your cheating lying bigots heads now fifa will come a calling going to be an interesting close season.

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