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As the future of Rangers Football Club continues to remain shrouded in uncertainty, the Ibrox club face several threats to their survival.

The future of the Ibrox club remains shrouded in uncertainty.

Rangers challenged the punishment handed down to them, by an independent panel commissioned to examine their case (accusing them of “bringing the game into disrepute”), at a Civil Court, and won. However, the Ibrox club may very well have proverbially shot themselves in the foot. In saying this, depending on the interpretation of the rules, they may have, in fact, fatally shot themselves in the head.

FIFA do not look favourably upon clubs who take footballing matters to Civil Courts, and they will expect the Scottish Football Association to punish Rangers accordingly.

Also, the judge at the court did not find Rangers to be innocent of any wrongdoing. In fact, he agreed with the SFA panel’s verdict of “guilty”. The court merely decided that a new panel at Hampden must meet to decide an applicable punishment.

This leaves the panel with a simple choice. Rangers Football Club are guilty of bringing the game into disrepute, and must be punished for this offence.

The panel will decide whether to increase or decrease their punishment, as the twelve month transfer embargo was found not to be an applicable sanction.


Three of the most likely options available to the panel are as follows;

1. To ban Rangers FC from the Scottish Cup for either one, or a number of seasons.

2. To withdraw the club’s SFA licence

3. To expel Rangers Football Club from the Association.


Number one would have, largely, very little affect on the future of Rangers.

Number two would certainly have consequences, but exactly what those may be is debatable.

Number three is the most severe punishment possible, and would ban the club from competing in professional Scottish Football, essentially forcing the club to liquidate it’s current form, losing their one hundred and forty year history in the process.


Stewart Regan replied to one of my questions.

Now, it was reported the other day that Rangers would not require an SFA licence to compete in the SPL.

However,¬†the SPL rules state, “A2.5.1 – A Club participating in the League must be a member of the SFA.”

In light of this, I took a chance and proceeded to ask Stewart Regan, the Chief Executive of the SFA, the following question on Twitter tonight:

“@Stewart Regan While Rangers don’t need a sfa licence to play in the SPL, do you know if they need to be “full” members of the association to?”

Mr Regan, to his credit, did answer many questions from supporters of several clubs tonight, and replied to my query with one word, “@MaleysBhoys Yes”.

Now, this answer means one of two things. It is likely simple confirmation of the fact that they need to be full members of the association to compete in the Scottish Premier League, that or it is merely affirmation that he knows the answer to the question.

I then proceeded to ask what I thought was an obvious and critical follow up question:

“@StewartRegan¬†so if a club has it’s licence revoked, can they still remain full members of the football assocation?”

Sadly, I did not receive an answer.

Perhaps Mr Regan does not know, or perhaps this is a question for legal teams to mull over, but I doubt both of these.

Personally, I’m sure Mr Regan knows the answer to this question. Whether he did not answer it because he did not see the question, or because he did not want to confirm the suspicions of many Scottish Football fans is debatable.

Put simply, if the withdrawal of Rangers SFA licence stops them from being regarded as FULL members of the Scottish Football Association, they cannot compete in the Scottish Premier League, or any of the leagues below it, in their current form.

This action would force the liquidation of Rangers Football Club 1872, and presumably lead to the creation of a NewCo (RFC 2012). This action would be the proverbial headshot.

Tick tock…


  5 Responses to “A Word From Stewart Regan – Literally”

  1. Simply amazing how a simple matter of decision making can turn out to be made to be so complicated. Why? well, its obvious they think that the Scottish game need Cheats F.C to survive. Well, we are witnessing a sea change in attitudes against THEM now and what is becoming quite clear is that the game would be better off without them whilst at the same time demonstrating that the game’s sporting integrity is paramount and sacrosanct. If you can’t make or take simple decisions then you are in the wrong job – simple as that.

  2. I think we all know what the outcome of this long drawn out scenario will be if a ban is sanctioned

    1 year ban from competing in the Scottish Cup so as they are seen to be doing something and if this is proved to be the case, well, i am sorry but it is simply not good enough

  3. Both very good points lads.

    It essentially comes down to “Do they have the bottle?”

    I mean, I’ll be honest, after all the threats we’ve seen from some Rangers supporters over recent years, would you want to be the figure head of the organisation that takes the “final decision” and causes the death of their club? I wouldn’t lol.

    However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have to make the right decision for the game. After all, that comes with their job.

    Fundamentally, they HAVE to increase the sanctions to suspension or expulsion, otherwise Scottish Football not only looks stupid, but it’s integrity begins to come into question.

    It’s like the threats made against the initial panel members after their verdict. Should we let these “peepil” win with their threats? Or should we stand up for what’s right?

  4. dont you think that if they expell rangers from the league it will allow green and co to blame everyone else for rangers becoming a newco and take the heat off them doing it

    • Personally, regardless of how any liquidation event comes about, I think some people who should shoulder a lot of the blame won’t be criticised too heavily in the mainstream media. I would imagine Green and co, or whoever ends up owning a potential newco Rangers, will blame whoever pushes the proverbial “liquidation button”, be it FIFA, UEFA, the SFA or HMRC, rather than accepting the fact that the old company cheated and should apologise for doing so.

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