May 302012

“I’ve Seen”


A young Bhoy asked his father,

As they sat in the stand,

“Oh please tell me daddy,

Of this team who’re so grand,”


So his father grinned,

From ear to ear,

As the lad sat quiet,

And waited to hear,


“I’ve travelled the world,

Far and wide,

Over and over,

I’ve supported my side,


I’ve seen them beat the Hibees,

And the Jambos too,

But there’s nothing sweeter,

Than beating the boys in blue,


I’ve seen defenders make hard tackles,

And keepers make great saves,

Midfielders make incisive passes,

And strikers score beyond the waves,


I went with them to Lisbon,

And to Seville,

While I watched my team,

Others watched the Bill,


I’ve seen trophies come home,

And grown men greet,

As they stood there together,

On Kerrydale Street,


I’ve seen so many good times,

And too many bad,

But given the chance,

I wouldn’t change what we’ve had,


And whenever I’ve seen,

That league flag unfurled,

I’m reminded I support,

The best team in the world,


And now as I sit here,

With my son at my side,

My soul is blessed with joy,

And my heart is filled with pride,


For I’ve supported them since I was young lad,

And I hope still to when I’m old,

For they are the famous Glasgow Celtic son,

In the green, the white and the gold.”


  3 Responses to “A Young Bhoy Asked His Father”

  1. Quality poem, makes you think what Celtic is all about.


  2. magic HH

  3. Great writing! Sums up what we all feel.

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