May 282012

Rangers Football Club announced their intention to appoint administrators on the 13th of February, 2012.

The SPL club were subsequently deducted ten points as a result of this action.

Since then, the club have also been hit with a twelve month transfer embargo, preventing them from registering any new players over the age of eighteen for the next year.

Now, as you can see below, every Scottish Premier League side had until the 31st of March, 2012, to submit fully audited accounts to the Scottish Football Association, regarding all of their business finances dating to the end of 2011.

An article from the SFA's website, where rules are publicly listed.


All clubs in the lower divisions of Scottish Football had until the 30th of April, 2012, to do this.

Now, the submission of these accounts (by the dates listed above) is required in order for a club to be granted a licence to play in Scottish Football in the coming season.

As I write this, Rangers* FC are already 58 days overdue with regards to the submission of their audited accounts.

58 days.

The Scottish Premier League have never granted any clubs with “a period of grace” in this regard, until now. Today, it became public that the SPL have given the Ibrox club until the 15th of June to submit their accounts, despite the fact they are already so late.

Grant Russell, a sports journalist working for STV (aka @STVGrant), tweeted the following statement earlier.

“SPL can waive it’s membership criteria for clubs at board’s discretion. Never has for other clubs not meeting criteria.”

Now, without sounding “paranoid” here, how telling a statement is that?

Interestingly, a club does NOT need an SFA licence to be granted in order for it to be able to compete in the SPL, and therefore the SPL’s decision here is very important.

By the time Rangers* next deadline comes to pass, they will have been given 76 days “grace” by the Scottish Premier League, who have never allowed this before for any other club in a similar situation.

And so, it begs the question, is it one set of rules for Rangers*, and one set of rules for the rest of the clubs in Scotland?

I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.



  5 Responses to “One Rule for the Establishment Club, and Another for the Rest?”

  1. And what next?? The SPL delaying the start of the season if Rangers(In Administration) are STILL in administration?? NO TO NEWCO. NO TO NEIL DONCASTER!!

  2. The 5th word in the rules is the crux mate.Required is as it says is only a request.Example:Youre presence is requested at my wedding…Do you have to go? What I am trying to say mate is that when these people speak or write it is all in a language called legalise.Look it up.:The language of lawyers and corporations.You and I are not trained to use this language,thus we cannot interpretate this.A solicitor {interpretor} will be provided for you if you cant afford one.This is to continue the illusion that justice is fair…without fear or favour….

  3. Great point well made here.

    Perhaps anyone with friends who used to follow Gretna FC could ask opinions on this period of “grace”?

    The whole thing is becoming more and more like a “Who wants to put the last nail in the coffin” situation with all parties involved; D&P, Green, SPL and SFA.

    No one wants to make any decision regards RFC’s past, present or future until the HMRC Big Case is done and dusted.

    All the parties involved will just wait until it’s financially pumped before making any decisions or rulings.

    Oh and the CVA? Yeah, Hector doesn’t do CVA’s so I believe. Nevermind. Might just hurry the big tax case along a bit? Fingers crossed.

    Hail Hail!

  4. I think it’ll be the vicar ,in the boardroom,wî the lead pipe . BUY BUY GERS to BYÈ BYE BEARS

  5. No surprises there then eh! They can dress it up all they like it certainly is one rule for ‘Corruption F.C*’ and one for the rest of Scottish football. What a tsunami of corruption and double dealings must be going on everyday inside the corridors of power at Hampden and Ipox park.

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