May 172012

For those of you who may have missed last night’s news, it was announced, late on, that the independent panel (appointed by the Scottish Football Association) had decided that the initial punishments imposed on Rangers F.C. by the previous panel were, indeed, correct.

Yet another blow was struck to the Ibrox club last night.

They found that the one year long transfer embargo, as well as the various fines, were both appropriate and deserved as Rangers* had purposely withheld payment to HMRC totalling approximately £13 million of PAYE, NI, and VAT since September 2011.

Now, as is often the case, news of this magnitude has, and will most likely continue to, lead to much speculation and rumour.

For example, “Will Charles Green just turn out to be another Bill Miller?”

Personally, I think we might be about to see another example of “walking away”. If not, Green may lead a group of individuals who may come to have worse¬†reputations than Mr Whyte.

Regardless, one thing is clear. Rangers F.C. are in serious peril.

Ultimately, tonight’s decision may prove to be yet another nail in the proverbial coffin of the Ibrox club.

While some of their supporters attempt to fathom up news ways in which to protest and voice their disgust at this “biased decision” (at least as they see it), the rest of the fan base are preparing for the future.

I can only leave you with this thought…say you’re a businessman or woman; would you want to invest in a bankrupt club, which needs tens of millions of pounds merely to survive, which has no hope of making any money in the foreseeable future, and which may face an almost endless stream of court appearances and character assassinations, or would you rather spend your money elsewhere?

The end may very well be nigh for the “original” Glasgow Rangers*…

Tick tock indeed.

  3 Responses to “Rangers* Appeal Rejected By Independent Panel”

  1. they have reaped what they blatantly have sown !

  2. End cant come quick enough for me

  3. Increasingly I think we’re getting towards the so called “end game”.

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