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Is The Green and Grey Kit Cursed?

Izaguirre is carried off in agony only minutes into the kit's debut

Now, please do not think I am blaming the kit for our defeat yesterday. I am not. I’m merely highlighting our record whilst wearing it.

While it has, officially at least, been our away kit this season, the green and grey kit has been used less often than the so called “wasp” third kit, which was worn several times in Europe, and on other occasions throughout the season.

Anyway, to my memory at least, we have worn the green and grey kit five times, in the following matches:


Aberdeen v Celtic (7th August 2011) 0-1 win

Peterhead v Celtic (8th January 2012) 0-3 win (Scottish Cup)

Aberdeen v Celtic (3rd March 2012) 1-1 draw

Celtic v Kilmarnock (18th March 2012) 0-1 defeat (League Cup Final)

Dundee United v Celtic (6th May 2012) 1-0 defeat


Unless I have missed any matches in which we wore that kit, that means we have only won 40% of the time whilst wearing it, which is undoubtedly a pretty poor ratio. It should also be remembered that, as pictured above, Emilio Izaguirre broke his right ankle only minutes into the team’s first appearance in this kit, ruling him out for most of the season.

League Cup Final heartache in our "away" kit


As for our “other” away kit, we have had the following results whilst wearing it:


Hibernian v Celtic (24th July 2011) 0-2 win

FC Sion v Celtic (25th August 2011) 1-3 defeat (Europa League)

St Mirren v Celtic (28th August 2011) 0-2 win

Atletico Madrid v Celtic (15th September 2011) 2-0 defeat (Europa League)

Heart of Midlothian v Celtic (2nd October 2011) 2-0 defeat

Kilmarnock v Celtic (15th October 2011) 3-3 draw

Hibernian v Celtic (26th october 2011) 1-4 win (League Cup)

Udinese v Celtic (15th December 2011) 1-1 draw (Europa League)

Dunfermline v Celtic (2nd January 2012) 0-3 win

St Mirren v Celtic (21st January 2012) 0-2 win

Hibernian v Celtic (19th February 2012) 0-5 win

Kilmarnock v Celtic (7th April 2012) 0-6 win (Crowned SPL Champions)


Once again, presuming I haven’t missed any matches out (which may very well be the case), this means we have won 58.33% of games in which we have worn the “wasp” kit.

Now, considering several of these matches were away European fixtures, and that isn’t too bad a record.

Title winning joy in the "wasp" kit


Does all of this mean that the “green and grey” away kit is cursed? Perhaps, but only if you believe in that sort of thing. Personally, while I think it’s a nice looking kit, and while I’m not generally a superstitious individual, I’ll be happy to see the back of it. This isn’t because I think it’s cursed, it’s because I associate it with seeing Celtic drop points more often than not.

In truth, the kit might tell you that Pittodrie and Tannadice aren’t easy places to go and win, and that we weren’t up to scratch in this year’s League Cup Final, but that’s quite a boring conclusion to draw, so we’ll stick to the superstitious aspect…

  6 Responses to ““Not That Kit Again””

  1. I don’t like it never have

  2. I have been telling my wife the very same thing since the St Johnstone game . I have never worn mine to a game since then . Cursed I tell ye , cursed .

  3. Whenever I wear mine to a match, we see to win. However, whenever the team wear it, we struggle. In saying all of this, I haven’t worn my Hoops to a game since the St Johnstone game at the start of the season either. We’re a strange bunch…

  4. Grey is never good in a kit! Think Man Utd and their notorious results in a grey kit. Still better results than the green and black striped strip of death from way back when.

  5. Honestly have had the same feelings, glad i’m not the only one!

  6. Not keen on it but dont buy into any superstitious stuff but each to their own

    Bin it though

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